How to…Restore your Innate Sense of Self-Worth

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How to…Restore your Innate Sense of Self-Worth

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Think of your self-worth as the ceiling to your aspirations — an invisible boundary that determines the height of your potential. You will never ascend beyond the limits of your self-worth. It’s the guiding force that shapes every facet of your life, from your income and time investment at work to your energy levels, dietary choices, social circles, boundaries with others, and even your romantic connections.

Consider this: we are born with our self-worth account overflowing, a reservoir of untapped potential waiting to be realised. However, as the journey of life unfolds, we encounter painful experiences, trauma, shame, and various challenges that slowly deplete this account, leaving us feeling undeserving and constrained.

The question then arises: has anyone ever guided you on how to replenish your self-worth account? Have they enlightened you about the possibility of opening multiple accounts without any upper limit on self-worth? The exciting truth is that you have complete autonomy to invest and spend your self-worth as you see fit.

If your life currently lacks fulfilment, chances are your self-worth account is running on empty, and you might be undervaluing yourself. It’s time to act and reclaim your worth.

At certain points in your journey, you may find it necessary to cocoon yourself, to withdraw and embrace stillness. This period of introspection can lead to the birth of something transformative within you.

Reflecting on my own experiences in 2023, I unearthed a hidden treasure — a pot of gold concealed in the depths of a dark cave that I had not known how to access. Perhaps no one had shown me the way.

Nevertheless, I discovered the path, and now, I am more committed than ever to elevating my self-worth. I delved deep into unworthy thoughts, beliefs, and frameworks, adopting a zero-tolerance policy for low self-worth. The process of inner work became a crucial investment in myself, an acknowledgment that the state of my self-worth directly influenced the quality of my life.

As I navigated this journey, I realised that self-worth is not a fixed entity but a dynamic and ever-changing force. It’s like a currency that can be invested, grown, and multiplied. The realisation that I could open multiple self-worth accounts allowed me to explore new avenues, take risks and push the boundaries of my aspirations.

The journey to replenish my self-worth involved embracing vulnerability and confronting the shadows within. It required a willingness to challenge ingrained beliefs that were holding me back and replacing them with empowering thoughts that reflected my true value. This process was not always easy, as it demanded a level of self-awareness and courage to face uncomfortable truths.

In this pursuit, I discovered the importance of surrounding myself with a supportive community. Social circles play a significant role in influencing our perception of self-worth. Building connections with individuals who uplift and inspire, while also setting boundaries with those who undermine and deplete, became a crucial aspect of my self-worth strategy.

Moreover, I learned to be mindful of the energy I invested in various aspects of my life. Recognising that my time and energy are valuable resources, I became intentional about where and how I spent them. This newfound awareness allowed me to align my actions with my self-worth, creating a positive feedback loop that fuelled my personal and professional growth.

As I invested in my self-worth, I witnessed a profound impact on my romantic connections. I became more discerning in choosing partners who valued and celebrated my worth, creating relationships that were built on mutual respect and support.

Your self-worth is the cornerstone of your aspirations, the invisible force that shapes the trajectory of your life. Replenishing and investing in your self-worth is not a one-time task but an ongoing journey that requires commitment, self-awareness, and the courage to confront limiting beliefs. By recognising the limitless potential within you and embracing the autonomy to spend your self-worth wisely, you open the door to a life of fulfilment and boundless possibilities.

By Lydia Kimmerling aka The Happiness Explorer ( For more wisdom on living a deeply fulfilling life and reach your highest success, happiness and love, say hi over on Instagram @lydiakimmerling

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