Healing the Healers

Do yoga and other spiritual professionals need healing themselves? By Pippa Neve

I was recently given a nudge by the universe to share my thoughts on the subject of whether spiritual professionals such as healers and meditation and yoga teachers need healing themselves when I was approached by a prospective client, who is an energy healer like myself.

As we chatted, it became apparent that they were feeling in turmoil about reaching out for support because they believed that they ought to be able to heal what they were moving through themselves.

During my own training, both as a healer and meditation guide, I naturally learnt to work on my own energy, as this prospective client would have done too. We are all encouraged to work on ourselves and we are taught to clear our own energy fields, and rightly so – but every so often we need assistance from someone else and I want to share that it’s perfectly okay to reach out for help at those times.

What’s also interesting is that, as I have come to learn through my own experiences, what our clients are going through can occasionally trigger us and if left unchecked, this can bring our hurts and pains to the surface. All the various modalities I have studied have their own self-healing techniques and as powerful and thorough as they are, sometimes things happen in life that throw us off-kilter and we just need a little external support.

I promise you this around seeking help from another spiritual professional: it doesn’t mean that you are no good at what you do – all it means is that you are human! In fact, it’s fairly widely known that many prominent athletes actually have multiple coaches and the success of these sports stars is undoubtedly testament in part to having had that additional, multi-layered support system in place.

The way I see it, being a spiritual professional who seeks healing from other practitioners is no different and when I sat and leaned into my thoughts on this topic, I realised that all the best meditation and yoga teachers I know have their own healers that they turn to during times when they need to be held.

For me, when I go for an energy healing session with another healer, I see it as about being the absolute best I can be for myself and for my clients – I would go as far as to say that I perceive having semi-regular healing sessions as being an essential part of my self-care practices. What I and many of my peers have discovered is that when we work with others to release these blocks, we are able to enhance our own practice and thus give our clients permission to do the same.

“Just because you have a spiritually-based business, it doesn’t mean you don’t need the same degree of love and support that you bestow upon others.”


We all know that yoga and meditation aid and nourish our minds, bodies and spirits, and with the assistance of healing we are able to move ever deeper on our own journey.

Just because you have a spiritually-based business, it doesn’t mean you don’t need the same degree of love and support that you bestow upon others. You can be an expert in your field and your clients can look up to you and seek your knowledge and advice, but this does not make you any less worthy of needing love and assistance from another in your own times of need.

So, let me reassure you that there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to feel ashamed about seeking healing. It’s okay, everyone needs help sometimes. The way I see it, we could all benefit from caring about each other a little bit more!

Pippa Neve is an intuitive natural healer and meditation guide. Originally from the UK, she now runs a thriving healing practice in Australia and also works with international clients online. Visit:

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