Love is in the air – the healing frequency

The healing frequency: connect to your heart if you want to experience true love – and meditation is the best way to do just that, says Susie Pearl

Around this time of year, we’re getting bombarded with messages from all directions to think about love and encouraged to buy gifts and cards for those we love on Valentine’s Day in every shop we go into in the high street.

A lot of people feel pressure to show their love to a partner or to be in love with someone. It can feel quite lonely if you don’t have a partner or a loved one, or maybe you are not getting on so well
with your partner.

Many people are searching for a soul mate, yet living so fast, without enough spare time or energy to devote to connecting with others, so feel they are missing out on true love.

We are all inevitably spending too much time on screens and technology. This usually means that we miss out on developing a heart connection – connecting with other humans at the heart
level in the way that we are designed to do to feel good.

The frequency of love

Love is a fundamental emotion for all humans. The more we love, the more successful and healthy we become. The frequency of love has been measured at 528 Hz frequency. Dr Leonard Horowitz was the first to introduce the concept of 528 Hz as the healing frequency. This healing frequency is the only one that can be felt in the organ of the heart. When we feel love, we are actually helping the body to heal.

When we connect the mind and the heart, we begin to connect the energy fields of the body as one, which leads to a feeling of more completeness and an increased sense of well-being and wholeness.

Meditation is a great way to connect into the heart. The more we move away from the logical, analytical mind, and move into more heart-centeredness, the more we can train ourselves to get into higher frequencies, which will help in all aspects of living.

That feeling of being in love is one that we spend most of our life chasing from a young age. Research shows we are happiest when we are giving to others, sharing, helping and providing real connection and love to others. Giving someone our undivided attention and showing up in that moment is the greatest gift we can give to another human being.

When someone asks me, ‘What is love?’ I reply that it’s actually a feeling and a frequency.

When you meditate, you go inside quietly and ask your higher self to connect with your heart and bring you into a quiet space of loving acceptance. This is a place where there is no judgement and the monkey mind can be dropped for a while; here, you can enjoy that pure sense of being in the flow with love. Feel where your heart is and allow your attention to go there. The more we focus into our heart space, the more this area will open and allow the energy of love to live in our bodies on a daily basis. Feel more, think less

Susie Pearl is a mentor, author and conscious living coach.

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