These yoga mats are ideal if you need to perfect your posture

Atmananda Yoga Mat
Jhon Tamayo, the founder of Atmananda Yoga Sequence, is also the creator of the Atmananda Yoga Mat. These mats are mathematically designed to help with alignment, prevent injuries, and strengthen your practice. The Atmananda Yoga Mat is also designed specially for your height! Taking your height into consideration, the lines and shapes on the yoga mats are mathematically positioned to keep your body in perfect alignment during your yoga practice. The mats come in small, medium, and large sizes. Small is 5”2 or 158 cm & below; Medium is 5”2 – 5”6 or 158cm – 170cm, and Large is 5”6 or 170cm & above. Good for all levels, particularly those looking to build a safe yoga, alignment-based practice


Myga Yoga Extra Large Alignment Mat
As a rule of thumb, use a mat at least six inches taller than you. This can be difficult for taller yogis and it’s no fun doing a full sun salutation whilst trying not to wobble off the edge of a mat. At 80 inches long and 27.5 wide, Myga alignment mats are a full 12 inches longer than standard mats. The generously-sized mat also has laser-etched body alignment markers as your own personal guide during your practice. Supergrippy surface, non-slip rubber bottom and available in six colours ranging from neutral to bold and bright, there’s one for all. Suitable for all.


Yoga Studio The Grip Alignment Yoga Mat 4mm
Align yourself and your practice with The Alignment Grip Mat. Brand new and revolutionary top surface coat offers unparalleled grip. Yoga Studio's PU Yoga Mat has an innovative moisture absorbing design made to enhance the grip with increased moisture. The mat features double sided technology. The top side of the mat, the ‘sticky’ side, is made of an eco-polyurethane (PU) material which absorbs moisture (hence the grip). The bottom side is made from clean and natural responsibly-sourced rubber which provides more cushion and unparalleled grip on the floor.

Alignment Yoga Studio Mat Black (4)
Alignment blue

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