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Take control of your period this year: 5 tips for coping with your period, naturally

Most women know the symptoms of their monthly cycle: cramps, mood swings, anxiousness, bloating and breakouts, to name a few. But there are many natural solutions to help you cope.

Do yoga
Many people believe that certain yoga positions can help to ease menstrual pain and bloating. When practicing yoga, it’s important to get to know your body and find out what is comfortable for you. Be sure to work to your ability and limit any strenuous poses; opt for poses that consist of forward bends as this can help to beat that sluggish feeling and soothe fatigue and anxiety. Yoga also helps to calm the mind so if you’re not feeling yourself when you’ve got your period, taking 10 minutes in the morning or before bed to stretch can be very beneficial.

Organic essential oils 
There are many organic essential oils available which can be used to soothe cramps, help you relax or give you a much needed energy boost during your period. Two ‘must have’ essential oils are rose geranium and lavender. Rose geranium oil can help to ease the symptoms of PMS, lift spirits and relieve anxiety while lavender is known for its anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties. Mix a few drops of either rose geranium or lavender oil into an organic carrier oil (jojoba or almond oil work perfectly) and massage onto your lower abdomen to ease cramps. Or add a few drops into your bath or a diffuser to take advantage of the calming aromas.


Keep yourself warm
A hot bath is always a good way to ease the pain of menstrual cramps. Not only will a bath relax you, but the heat will improve blood flow to the pelvic area which relaxes the muscles causing the cramps. Epsom salts are also a good addition to your bath; they contain magnesium which has anti-inflammatory properties which help to relieve pain. If you don’t have access to a bath, try placing a hot water bottle on your stomach or lower back to help ease pain.

Healthy diet
The food you eat can affect pain levels and aggravate PMT so be sure you eat a healthy and balanced diet. Eat little and often to maintain blood sugar levels and if you feel the urge for sugar resist the chocolate and have a banana or some oats: both are fantastic sources of potassium and magnesium which are important for energy release and the nervous system. While you may crave salty and sugary foods try to avoid them as they can often increase irritability and bloating during your period.

Switch to organic cotton sanitary products
Conventional sanitary products contain a whole host of synthetic materials such as rayon, SAP’s, polypropylene, added aromas, bleach and other synthetic materials. When these synthetic materials are in constant contact with your skin, they can prevent the skin from breathing and cause many skin irritations such as swelling, dryness, itching and burning. Organic cotton sanitary products are made with organic cotton, which can absorb up to 10 times its own weight, and are naturally soft, hypoallergenic and highly breathable (this helps prevent irritation). Companies like Organ(y)c have been dedicated to developing a range of sanitary products using the most sustainable raw materials since 1992. You will only find 100% certified organic cotton in their tampons, pads  and liners allowing your skin to breathe naturally. Making things a little bit easier during your period! 

Chloe Case, Marketing Co-ordinator, Organyc

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