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Finding the right course for you. By Julie Montagu

Choosing your yoga teacher training course is a big decision, and one that will form the foundation of your professional development for the years ahead.

With so many courses available around the world, how can you find the best one for you, and what are the key things to look out for?

First of all, finding a teacher that you truly connect with is one of the most important factors. This is something that you will feel when it happens and isn’t a process that you can rush.

When you have a shortlist of possible courses, reach out to all of the teachers for a quick chat. And, if possible, try to join each of the instructors for a regular class — either online or in the real world!

You will instinctively warm to one more than the others and trusting this instinct can guide you towards the right course for you.

Secondly, you will likely have to prioritise the practicalities first and foremost. By this I mean choosing a course that matches with your desired dates, location, and budget. These things alone can greatly narrow your search and can therefore be the key things to look out for first.

Learning online can widen your pool of courses to choose from, as they are generally taught more flexibly than in person trainings, and often come with a more affordable price tag.

Additionally, the type of yoga that each course focuses on will vary, and you may wish to look out for a style that most resonates with your experience. On the flip side, you might prefer to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and try something new. Either way, make sure you know what lies in store before you commit to a course.

Finally, trusting the reviews of those students who have gone before you is a great way to know what you might expect. Of course, everyone will experience each course in their own unique way, but there will always be common opinions — both good and bad — and these can go a long way to helping you to make your decision.

Take the time to research your course and don’t be afraid to reach out to past students to hear their thoughts and receive their guidance.

Julie Montagu / Alix Jones. Julie runs Whole Self Yoga – a Yoga Alliance approved 200-hour Teacher Training Program

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