Free your soul: Seed Sistas

Unleash your plant power potential

Welcome herb lovers! Join the Seed Sistas at the Mind Body Soul Experience for a deep-dive exploration into the plant kingdom.

The Seed Sistas are Kaz Goodweather and Fiona Heckels, both clinical herbalists for over 20 years and with a love and interest in the so-called witching herbs of old. They are passionately potty about plants and total herbal drama queens, enjoying dressing up as plants, creating fun and enlivening online content and playing with all manner of potions.

Allowing the plants to guide them to ever more ridiculous productions, they pass on knowledge about how to learn about the plants that grow around you and to empower yourself to use them as simple remedies in the home.

Seed Sistas also run a community interest company, Sensory Solutions Herbal Evolution, that focuses on planting and supporting community herb gardens and creating empowered, resilient communities that care for their local green spaces.

“Our mission is to reconnect people to their local plants, specifically, so that they can rediscover all of the tools and support that they can gain from what grows around them,” says Goodweather. “This, we strive to achieve with community gardens.”

The ’Sistas’ have also published two books — the Sensory Herbal Handbook and Poison Prescriptions — to help others uncover the potent power of plants.

“I think people are really grateful that we bring our magical and spiritual connection with the plants into our works and overlay it with the scientific understanding,” says Heckels. “We always have our feet in both camps, that we would ultimately like to unite as one.”

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If you’re heading to the OM Yoga Show this year, then here’s an offer you can’t refuse: all tickets are valid so you can visit the neighbouring Mind Body Soul Experience at Alexandra Palace at no extra charge. Held in a neighbouring hall at the iconic London venue, you’ll be able to explore more of the world’s mysteries, natural science and age-old-wisdom and meet some amazing people — a great complement to your yoga day out.

The Mind Body Soul Experience not only brings these elements together but adds a splash of excitement, a dousing of entertainment and more than a fair share of pampering. Covering complementary health, spiritual awareness and personal development, the show is unique, helping you be the best you can be.

Body positivity, self-care and self[1]development are the order of the day; it’s a great way to extend all the benefits you’ll receive from the yoga mat in the OM Yoga Show.

The Mind Body Soul Experience is a happy, safe place where you can escape from the modern world for a few hours, listen to inspiring talks, celebrate the uniqueness of you and meet lots of like-minded people for interesting chats, making connections and new friendships. Follow your path and make time for a visit to the one and only Mind Body Soul Experience.

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