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Treat your toes to something lovely this month

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Foot Balm and Cuticle Oil from The Organic Foot Company, handmade by a podiatrist in the UK. Cuticle Oil contains a blend of oils specifically formulated to provide optimum nourishment and hydration to your nails and cuticles. Foot Balm
contains top quality, natural and vegan ingredients, with Shea Butter, Roman Chamomile and Coconut Oil. Give your feet a treat!
£15.95 - Cuticle Oil
£13.95 - Foot Balm

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These Shandals from Ruth Emily Davey are handmade from start to finish in Machynlleth, Wales. They’re made from classic soft, full grain, Italian Aqua leather, fully lined in coral suede. The Lace up Shandal is the firm’s most popular design and supportive for your arch while guiding the big toes straight, to help a bunion back into line. Shandals are designed to strengthen your toes: they are made to fit closely around the arch of your foot while the toe thong guides the big toe straight leaving the four toes free. They are broad over the metatarsal arch with a low heel making them exceptionally comfortable and breathable. They also frame your toes perfectly making them very flattering too! Built to last and designed to be repairable for years to come.
From £300 (or £550 bespoke)



The TOETOE Over-Knee range is fashionable indeed, although you’ll need the confidence to wear them! A favourite with the girls but efficient for motorcyclists as you’ll always feel protected and warm. They are manufactured to the highest quality, so you’ll be confident yet comfortable. Research has shown that the separation of toes encourages movement which allows blood circulation and improves balance and movement, as well as maintaining the correct temperature.

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Toe movement is an important part of proprioception and toe separation aided by TOETOE socks can help the foot and
brain function efficiently and in conjunction with each other. The foot is a dexterous and sensitive creation meaning that conventional socks can limit feedback back to the brain causing the toes to act as one unit and not separately. This outcome can limit the body's balance, position and posture. These socks are the answer!

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Made from medical grade silicone and designed by sports podiatrist Dr.Ray McClanahan, these anatomical toe spacers passively spread your toes, improve circulation, flexibility and intrinsic foot muscle function and can be worn while active.

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