Extended Side Angle – Nick Higgins

Nick Higgins guides us through Extended Side Angle (Utthita Parsvakonasana), a standing pose that can help to stretch and strengthen your whole body. 


Benefits of Extended Side Angle

This pose works wonders for the whole body and, when coming out of the posture, the mental release and satisfaction are unparalleled. This asana enables a deep opening through the hips and across the lengthened side of the body, as well as helping to develop strength through the legs. Finally, as there is so much going on physically when holding this pose, it can also help to develop focus and stamina.

Common Mistakes

As it’s quite a deep pose, the mind will take easier options to ease the intensity! There’s a tendency to not utilise the core, meaning the strength development of that area is compromised, which has a knock-on effect to the rest of the body and its stability.

Extended Side Angle


By pressing the bottom shoulder and knee against each other when taking the bottom arm toward the floor you can create a lock or ‘bandha’, allowing greater stability and grounding.


Focus on the deep opening through the hips and the extended body. Keep your breathing smooth and steady to allow everything to ease and the mind to focus.

Nick Higgins, Co-Founder – Hotpod Yoga. Photo by Lucie Lemay

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