Everything is a practice

Why your new year yoga practice is already just perfect

If this is the year you want to take up yoga, then you’ve made a great choice! Yoga is the perfect way to keep on top of everyday life; it’s good for your body, mind and soul. No one regrets rolling out their mat and doing a short practice, even just for a few minutes. And neither will you!

And guess what? There’s no need to be hard on yourself if you can’t do much yet. It’s all just a practice — and always is! The most important thing is just to begin. Keep that in mind and your experiences on the mat — and off it too — can become a beautiful place of fun exploration. No pressure, no expectations, just you and your own personal yoga practice, one that constantly evolves day by day. Every challenge you may face, each frustration or failure becomes simply a part of the practice. No fuss, no stress.

Let’s take an example.

Some days you may not feel like getting on your mat. And that’s fine too; every day is different. But if you’re constantly struggling to find the motivation, then why not practice working through this resistance. After all, you know that yoga is good for you, so why not take the time to do it? Try not to think of it as a burden, as something that will take up your time. Instead, find a more open and joyful view of the task. For many people, the time they spend on the yoga mat actually helps them to become more productive at work, more relaxed in life, seemingly expanding their time available. Why not explore that concept and see if a quick five minutes on the mat can yield time benefits elsewhere? Turn it all into a place of play and curiosity and adventure.

After all, this is your practice, and it can be anything you want it to be. Explore, play… and keep practicing!

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