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Clearspring Organic Japanese Matcha

Clearspring is adding four new and exciting matcha blends to its Japanese tea bag range: Matcha Ginger, Matcha Three Mint, Matcha Genmaicha and Matcha Turmeric. The new flavour combinations have been carefully curated to work with the subtle notes of matcha to enhance consumers' authentic Japanese tea experience. Clearspring's entire tea range is organic, non-GM, free from added sugar and free from any artificial ingredients and preservatives. Eco-friendly too: all tea bags in the range are compostable and non-GM, the string is made of organic cotton and the outer carton is made of recyclable FSC certified paperboard and printed using vegetable-based ink. Available in Waitrose, Ocado and at select independent retailers.


Vedge Snack Bar

Tempt your taste buds with vedge. These delicious new snack bars, make veg the star of the show. Using 50%-plus veg, the bars contain at least a third less sugar and 50% more fibre than the average fruit-based bar. With as much as two of your five a day, they’re ideal for smarter snacking for both kids and grown ups. Available in sweet and savoury flavours: from Cocoa & Caramel and Red Velvet Brownie to Sweet Thai Chilli and Smoky Bacon. All 100% natural and plant-based.
£1.99 (discounts for online subscriptions)

Pouch 3

Get Vits Natural High

Say goodbye to cheap chemically-extracted multivitamin pills loaded with synthetic and isolated nutrients. Natural High has been formulated by experts using only certified organic plant-based superfoods to elevate you to a whole new level. Created using some of the most energising superfoods on the planet, including the prized Amazonian fruit, guarana, packed with nutrients and natural caffeine, maca from Peru, and powerful nootropics from lion mane mushrooms. Topped with a ground-breaking spice complex, with matcha and cacao, together providing long-lasting energy without the crashes and increased mental focus. 100% organic, plant-based blend of vitamins, minerals, fruits and greens to nourish body and mind.
£19.99 (OM readers get 15% discount using code: OMYOGA15)

vegan cup

Drink Me Blends: The Vegan Cup

Drink me Blends is a new delicious range of vegan friendly, plant-based drinks from Drink me Chai — the UK's alternative hot drink brand made with natural and authentic spices. Designed for vegans and coffee shop lovers alike, Drink me Blends are available in two delicious flavours: Instant Cacao Latte and Instant Turmeric Latte, which together form the Vegan Cup collection. Simply add three heaped teaspoons of powder (25g) into your favourite mug, and stir in 200ml of your choice of hot water for a lower calorie treat, or a plant-based milk for a café style experience. Extremely versatile, the Drink me Blends Vegan Cup collection can be used in hot or cold drinks, baking and in smoothies or shakes. Available from Waitrose and Amazon.

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