Earth Meditation

Try this earth meditation to harness magnetic energy and realise your potential. By Jill Lawson

The Earth is an awe-inspiring planet capable of attracting and repelling cosmic energy. As the Earth continues to evolve and grow, so do the creatures that inhabit it. The forces that support or hinder the Earth’s potential affect our own evolutionary path.

Let’s examine the Earth’s magnetic quality. Generated from an enormous mass of solid iron deep within the Earth’s core, its magnetism attracts energy necessary for life to flourish. Surrounding the Earth’s core is a river of hot liquid metal that moves and swirls in a whirlpool-like fashion, creating a magnetic field. This field acts as a shield, protecting the Earth by repelling energy that doesn’t belong here.

Theories such as the Law of Attraction suggest we can apply the concept of magnetism to ourselves. Evolving our best life isn’t just a concept out in the ‘cosmic left field’, it’s based on the scientific principles of magnet energy. How we think and act can attract or repel the personal evolutionary process we desire to experience.

To harness magnetic energy and realise your potential, practice the following earth meditation.

Earth Meditation

First choose a situation you would like to experience. See this idea floating around the cosmos like a cluster of particles, not yet manifested.

Now, connect with your inner core; a strong mass of powerful and attractive energy deep within your being. Let your awareness settle here while you take several deep breaths to clear your mind.

Next, imagine you are generating a gravitational pull, attracting what you need to experience what you want. Notice how it feels to realise your desires are beginning to evolve and become a reality. Take note of any reactions you may have. If you experience fear or doubt, now is the time to create a magnetic field that repels those unwanted emotions.

As you meditate on your core, now imagine a swirling river of energy surrounding you, emitting a shield-like glow that deflects all negativity and doubt. Use this shield to protect yourself, as does the Earth, from energy that doesn’t belong in your life.

As your situation begins to manifest, it is important to let your actions support this next phase of growth and evolution. Just like the Earth, you must constantly change, adapt, and evolve to be in harmony with the cosmic forces supporting you. The planet we call home is our best teacher in attracting all good things, time and time again.

Jill Lawson is a writer and yoga teacher enjoying life on the island of Maui in Hawaii (

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