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Cinnamon Leaf Oil (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum)

The month of October makes us all feel more autumnal. Autumnal sights and colours are everywhere; the leaves are falling, and the strong sun is fading as nights draw in. At this time, we need an essential oil that not only symbolises autumn, but also captures its unique flavours and aromas. What better aromatherapy oil to use than cinnamon leaf oil, (cinnamomum zeylanicu)?  Cinnamon leaf oil is a lovely, sweet, musky and spicy oil made from the leaves of the cinnamon tree and is an ideal oil to use this season.
Cinnamon leaf oil is great to use in communal areas to prevent the spread of any coughs and colds that are now starting to appear; it can also help to boost the immune system. Place just one drop in a diffuser with some lavender oil in your studio or at home and let the essential oils fill the space and clean the air.
If autumn is making you feel cold or gloomy, then cinnamon leaf oil is the perfect oil for you as it helps to promote general feelings of happiness, warmth and wellbeing. Simply place one Cinnamon leaf oil drop into three large tablespoons of base oil (as it’s a very strong oil), mix well and then massage this sweet, spicy blend into your hands. Let the cinnamon leaf oil pick you up, warm and protect you, whilst also raising your vibration.
Do not use if pregnant or on young children. Always use in very small doses and always dilute before using in a carrier oil or base cream.


Julia White is a yoga teacher and aromatherapist (

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