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Quick and easy ways to soothe your nerves with our Calm & Relaxed Special Report

Yoga, meditation and deep breathing are wonderful ways to bring you back down to earth when things get a little stress in life. And let's face it, most of us are no strangers to stress in 2023!

If your nerves feel a bit frazzled by 21st century living, then we've got some quick-fix solutions for you.

The world of yoga offers a host of amazing tools and benefits if you're seeking a calmer, more relaxed way of life. Often, the trick is to stick with it – the benefits seem to accumulate the more and the longer you practice, though even just a few minutes can make a difference too. When you're stuck in traffic, or just having a bad day, then some simple, controlled breathing can restore a bit of calm and help you reframe things in a better, more positive light.

As well as yoga, there are plenty of other ways to restore a bit of sanity in this fast-paced world too, from immersing yourself in nature to the healing, therapeutic powers of music. Some of these things can have an almost immediate impact; many are inherently interwoven with a yoga practice. It's time to make peace a big part of your life.

Yoga: No one ever regrets going to a yoga class. An hour or so on the mat can literally transform your day, but even a quick five minutes spent in child's pose at home can bring about a greater sense of ease and calm. Just roll out your mat and begin.

Meditation: There's actually scientific evidence to show how powerful meditation can be in terms of boosting overall mental wellbeing. Simply observing your thoughts, slowly and without judgement, can make a big difference when your mind is all aflutter.

Deep breathingLike meditation, this is an inherent part of any yoga practice, but it can be done anytime, anywhere. Simple methods like box breathing and alternate nostril breathing can have an incredibly powerful effect on resetting your nervous system.

Mindfulness: Simply tuning into the present moment can be a great way to stem racing thoughts, which can be like rocket fuel to stress, anxiety and fear. Simply noticing what is around you, and focusing on one thing at a time, can be a great way to slow down.

Yoga NidraAnother part of yoga's immense toolkit, this technique – also known as yogic sleep – is a short, static, guided body scan where you lay down and drift off into a near dreamlike state. Sounds simple – and it is! A beautiful shortcut to stillness.

NatureGetting out in nature – hugging a tree, dipping your feet in the sea, or just soaking up the vitamin D – feels great and brings instant stress relief. Reconnecting with the natural world is essential for us all; ultimately it's where we belong.

Walking: Going for a walk is a great way to get outside, enjoy some exercise and breathe some fresh air, whether that's strolling through the woods, in the park, or hiking a mountain. Bonus points if you can go barefoot!

Music: Calming music has the power to soothe and unlock emotion in us all. In yoga, the use of sound bowls and gongs can bring about an incredibly potent healing environment. If you haven't tried a gong bath before, then make this the month you do.

Laugh: Laughter is good for the soul, but on bad days it can be hard to come by. Try a laughter yoga class where you'll 'fake it till you make it'... just laugh along with the group and see what happens, or try it solo! Failing that, watch some funny cat videos on YouTube or your favourite sitcom.

Oranges: If all else fails, then go sniff some oranges. Seriously! The distinctive scent has been shown to decrease stress and anxiety, and elevate energy levels, hopefully giving you just enough lift-off to get back into the game once more.

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