Building a daily practice with online classes

Building a daily practice with online classes

Online yoga is ideal for nurturing your daily yoga habit. By Jessica Banks aka Sat Shakti Kaur

Nothing can replace the studio experience. But don’t toss out your online class pass just yet!

Whether you’re not quite ready to resume old routines or you can’t always fit a studio visit into your schedule, online classes can continue to support you on your yogic journey. Here’s how:

One essential advantage of the online studio: convenience. Having the option of rolling out of bed onto your mat makes it easier to practice more regularly. Perhaps even every day.

Daily practice takes discipline. The act of meeting this commitment has benefits. Some days are easy, you’re excited to practice. Other days it takes effort, you need to exert your will. For some people, committing to a daily yoga practice might seem restrictive. In fact, developing self-discipline can be liberating.

When you serve yourself, your inner resources step up to support you. When you invest time to practice yoga and meditation, you’re rewarded with increased energy, greater focus, more clarity. You develop stamina, or as we like to call it in the Kundalini world – keep up spirit!

Showing up at your mat day after day can help you stay physically, mentally, and emotionally resilient. Even if it’s just a quick 30-minute class, consistent practice – each and every day – can lead to more profound and enduring changes over time.

Of course, not every day will be blissful. Some days your best effort might be pretty poor. Your wandering mind might focus less on correct alignment and more on what flavour of CO YO to indulge in after class. Your warrior pose may be more in line with a snoozy kitten than a lion ready to roar. BUT. You showed up!

While I’m not advocating for sloppy yoga, the reality is that some days are messy.

Showing up at the mat anyway can help you develop your yoga practice. You have to exert your will to override the desire to flop on the sofa. Strengthening your will can give you an edge.

When you’re more tuned in to your yoga practice, you’ll go that much further. Plus, the more you keep up, the more likely you’ll have fewer of those “can’t focus” days.

Building a daily practice with online classes
Building a daily practice with online classes

You don’t need a class to develop a daily practice. You can do it on your own. But it can be hard to show up just for yourself. Having a group to practice with – even online – can help you stay motivated. Also, if you’ve made a commitment to join a class, you may feel more of a responsibility to actually show up. With a teacher leading the experience, you’re more likely to pick up cues that can help you to refine your practice. And the group dynamic can be more stimulating – and hopefully fun – than a session on your own.

Some people have the good fortune to live next to a yoga studio and can pop over for a class any time. But most people have a longer commute. The longer the journey, the less practical it is to join a class with much regularity. So keep your laptop handy and your zoom app open and see if you can commit to giving yourself a daily dose of yoga and meditation.

Jessica Banks aka Sat Shakti Kaur is the founder and director JOY Yoga, a Kundalini studio operating online and in London. She’s a KRI-certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and trainer. She’s a former ballet dancer and has professional experience in wellness, business, and the arts. Visit:

Building a daily practice with online classes
Building a daily practice with online classes

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