Bring the change

Bring the change

Two ways to usher in the change this new year. By Ravi Jaipaul

If you do the same thing you have always done, you will get the same result. If you try something new, you invite something new.

Here are two incredible things you can try to get different results in your life.

1. Cleanse the energy in your room using sage
When the room you live in becomes stagnant and stale, get some organic white sage, and clear the energy. You will notice such a big shift in energy, and it will uplift your mood and the vibe of the room. This is especially important when you spend most of your days working from home.

Bring the change

I do a ‘saging’ usually on a Monday and a Friday to bookend the working week and invite new energy for the weekends. It all starts with intention. Begin by setting an intention, such as clearing away the old energy of the past year. Or bringing in the new vibrancy of the future year, and all it could hold.

Bring the change

Then light the sage. It’s important to light enough of the sage so that it is giving off strong smoke. It’s the smoke that allows the energy to shift.

Now that the sage is smoking, you have to start to move. This is more physical than you think it is. Move from corner to corner of the room, ensuring you cleanse the entire room with sage.

Then, yes, you can open a window. Invite the new air and energy into your space.

2. Lie down on an acupressure set with 7,000 spikes
Acupressure sets are the ultimate energy releaser.

In your body, you have highways of energy, and everywhere there is pain, whether physical or emotional, this is a queue or a bottleneck. It’s like approaching an intersection where the traffic lights have gone out, and it’s happening all over your body.

Bring the change

While you may be freaked out by the idea of lying down on a ‘bed of spikes’, this is part of the New Year, New You section. You have to be willing to try new things!

You will instantly feel full body tingles when you lie on it. Breathing through this is so important. You can do it! After you have settled into it, you can feel a rush of heat as the tension and pain you carry around get released.

Bring the change

Some people feel a strong emotion here, as they let go of all that they are holding on to. When I used this mat to recover from a head injury, sometimes I would get emotional just lying there. After the initial release, it’s time to relax, and feel into whatever comes up. Some people feel energised, others feel more centred and others feel like they are ready for bed. After 10-15 minutes, you are done!

Just remember to come back tomorrow for more – getting a consistent release for all the daily tensions is going to be the best for you to slowly start detoxing and unwinding from the day-to-day stress you have carried with you.

Ravi Jaipaul, Founder of Yoke Wellness,

Bring the change

Photo credits: Ravi Jaipaul, Founder of Yoke Wellness,

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