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Beyond Detox

How to get back on track for optimum health after the fun of the festive season. By Cristiana Sanna

Overindulged during the festive holidays and now feeling a bit lethargic? Maybe even a bit guilty? Too many mince pies and Baileys? Not enough sleep?

Don’t worry. It happens to the best of us. It’s good for the soul to embrace these social occasions and get merry with family and friends over Christmas. I would never advise anyone to miss these precious moments purely to avoid temptations. Unfortunately, these fun times often encourage us to abandon our good dietary habits. And the problem isn’t just gaining weight.

What most people don’t realise is that overindulging in our favourite foods and drinks can overload the body with toxins. And unless we go back into healthy habits and lifestyles after the New Year, we will drag the excess toxins with us into the next holiday season, where even more will accumulate.

Type of toxins

It's important to understand that there are different types of toxins. Some are easy to identify, such as junk food, alcohol, cigarettes, air pollution, heavy metals and BPA. Others tend to get overlooked since we don’t necessarily think of them as toxins. Examples are body fat, radiation and EMF (electro-magnetic field), sleep deprivation, stress and anxiety. We’re also faced with emotional and energetic toxins, such as being in a toxic relationship or negative thoughts.

We are constantly bombarded with toxins. Luckily, our bodies can release many of them through natural physiological processes like urination, sweating, breathing and thinking. Problems can arise when the organs are overloaded or don’t work as they should. The result is a build-up which could cause an array of issues.

Signs of toxin build up

Here’s an example: perhaps you’re now feeling fatigued or experiencing some brain fog. You’re feeling anxious, or your digestion is not as good as it used to be, or you’re struggling to fall asleep.

Other signs of over-toxicity include skin issues or even muscle and joint aches. And if we don’t help our bodies to eliminate these accumulated toxins, we might end up in a chronically toxic state. This can lead to far more serious conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases and even cancer, as I very well know.

It will soon be 10 years since I was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer. I always thought my diet was decent and that I was ‘healthy enough’ for my age. Oh, how wrong I was! My life changed drastically on that day, but not in a negative sense. It changed for the better. That’s because it forced me to re-examine my diet, lifestyle, and my entire mindset. It hasn’t been an easy path, and I had some dreadful days, but I was cancer-free after one year, and I still am to this day. In fact, I’ve never been healthier!

Since my diagnosis, I have studied extensively, eventually becoming a qualified nutritional therapist, naturopath, and Bi-Aura practitioner. Although I learned various natural and non-invasive therapies, I now specialise in detox and preventative medicine. I believe prevention is the best medicine, and detoxification plays a massive part in it.


What is the solution?

The first and most important action we can take is to avoid, or at least reduce, the number of offenders. We can start with what we eat and drink. Eating organic foods and drinking good-quality water is the first step in relieving the body from toxicity. Then, we might want to avoid using chemical cleaning products around the house. Nowadays, there are many natural alternatives, so it is easy to swap. We might want to invest in a good air purifier for the home or add air-cleaning plants or crystals, adding some nice vibes to your home as a secondary effect. Reducing contact with toxic people is the next big step.

But in the end, we can’t avoid toxins completely, and an example is during the festive season. What we can do is help our main detoxification organs function at their best by regularly (and gently) detoxing them. During my healing journey, I discovered countless detoxification methods and tried many. Some are more ‘extreme’, and others are gentle. There is a modality for anyone willing to optimise their organs’ detoxification capacity. And let’s not forget the need to detoxify our emotional and spiritual energy. I feel much better after detoxing. I feel the difference in energy levels and food cravings.

After my personal experience, I would recommend to anyone serious about their health to try some detox practices. But I would also suggest seeking the help of a qualified practitioner. A professional can evaluate if we are ‘fit’ for detox because there are some conditions where a cleanse can be counterproductive, and it can sometimes be overwhelming without the guidance of an expert.

Cristiana Sanna is a qualified naturopath, nutritional therapist and Bi-Aura Practitioner. She works with naturopathic principles, and her main fields are detox, preventative and reversive medicine. Visit:

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