Backyard paradise

If you’re lucky enough to have a back garden, then the world is your oyster when it comes to creating an outdoor yoga sanctuary. These garden buildings, pods and bell tents may not be cheap — some will set you back the best part of £30k — but definitely something to stick on your vision board!

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Zen Den

Garden Yoga Studio
How about your very own ‘zen den’ at the end of your garden? A secluded outbuilding in the form of a garden room will give you a space to retreat to and switch off from life’s daily distractions. It’s also a place to host classes if big enough. We know that yoga is proven to boost our mental health but being able to practice surrounded by the lush nature of your garden will create the ultimate calming oasis.
Green Retreats

Green Retreats

Make it Multi-Functional

Garden Room Building Office/Gym
Are you one of the millions that now work from home — and a yogi? It really is possible to work and work out in a cleverly planned garden room! Choosing collapsible equipment is a great space saver in buildings with a small footprint, so you can roll out your mat in comfort. In larger spaces zoning areas with clever furniture placement will keep your garden room practical and ensure your desk isn’t littered with resistance bands or yoga blocks! Plus, think of the hours you can save cutting out the commute to both the office and gym!
Green Retreats


Pod Life

HypeDome Garden Pod
We just love this garden pod, great for a solo yoga sesh, a quiet meditation, or as a chill out space for you and your pals. The unique frameless dome-shaped structure is made from over 100 hexagonal glass-like panels, it will certainly wow your friends and get them talking. Enjoy the outdoors all year round: cosy and inviting in the winter, sociable, light and airy in the summer. The possibilities of the pod are endless!

Lime Lace

The Oval (Yoga) Office

The Oval Office is the most famous room in the White House — now you can now have your own yoga version of it with this stylish alternative to a conservatory or log cabin. With 360° uninterrupted panoramic views provided by the large, clear windows, it allows for significant light and a super-spacious feel, perfect for the ultimate, indulgent yoga practice. This stunning oval structure, developed by Ornate Garden (with the British climate very much in mind), also offers a unique dining, lounging, study and entertaining environment for up to eight guests. Once inside, you’ll be out of the wind, rain or sun, yet still feel part of your natural surroundings.
Lime Lace

Boutique Camping

Luna Emperor Bell Tent

If you’re looking for a less permanent (and cheaper) structure for your garden haven, then this Luna Emperor Bell Tent might just fit the bill. It looks great and with an impressive 6x4 interior, it will also accommodate the crowds too if you’re hosting a class or group session. The 285gsm polycotton skin has been treated with a water-repellent agent which allows you to breathe naturally, ideal for the summer months. A top pick for customers looking to host unique yoga gatherings, creative workshops and other events.
Boutique Camping

Inspiration & Ideas

Ticket to the Moon (1)

No zen garden would be complete without a hammock. Handcrafted in Bali since 1996, Ticket To The Moon is the original fair-trade manufacturer and distributor of the iconic parachute hammock, as well a range of other outdoor products. Ethically manufactured, and with a 10-year guarantee. If you’ve never been in one of these silky-soft parachute hammocks, now’s the time to try — perfect for just chilling, it also makes for a marvellous playground too, all you secret acro yogis out there! Good vibes all summer long.


Lights 4 Fun

Light up your garden sanctuary in style. Pictured: 100 Warm White USB Solar Fairy Lights; Set of 3 Warm White Hanging Solar
Lights; TruGlow Waterproof Outdoor Candle Trio; Large TruGlow Waterproof Outdoor Candle Trio; Porto Solar Lantern Bundle; Three Cloud White Miami Solar Lanterns; Malvern Battery Outdoor Lantern.

From £16.99

Cox and Cox

Promote peace and tranquillity in your outdoor space for early morning yoga rituals, or just a quiet cup of tea, by setting
the scene with this striking Buddha Head. Given the appearance of great age with subtle moss detailing and gentle weathering,
this stunning statue will make a harmonious addition to your garden or patio.


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