Awaken your crown chakra

Awaken your crown chakra,

awaken your consciousness

In the final part of a seven-part series, Jenny Baker leads an exploration of the body’s subtle spinning energy wheels, or chakras

Through daily practices and yoga asanas, we have balanced each of our six chakras over the past six issues. Now, the end of your energy journey lies at the crown of your head. This space in your body is home to your seventh and final chakra, the crown chakra, or Sahasrara chakra. You are now ready to become fully present and build your bond with the universe. It's time to awaken your crown chakra and awaken your consciousness.

Awaken your crown chakra

As the root chakra connects us to the earth, the crown chakra connects us to the universe. Start to understand your seventh chakra by closing your eyes and focusing on the spot at the very top of your head. Feel the energy flowing through your body from this space and allow yourself to feel interconnected to all of creation and beyond.

Harness your attention for enlightenment

Being able to focus your attention is an important component of consciousness and will allow you to connect to your crown chakra. Come into the present and focus your attention through these types of daily meditations.

Mantra meditation: A mantra is a word or phrase that is repeated consistently during meditation. Quiet your mind, take some deep breaths and determine a mantra that will serve your intention.

It can be spoken, chanted, whispered or repeated in the mind. The repetition of a mantra is intended to wake up consciousness.

Yantra meditation: This form of meditation is centred around an image instead of a word. Choose a mental image to focus on during your meditation which coincides with your intention. Whatever image you choose, keep your mind focused on it.

An asana for your practice

Awaken your consciousness in Standing Prayer Backbend, or Anuvittasana. Begin by standing in Mountain pose with your feet shoulderwidth apart. Engage all of your leg muscles and release tension in your shoulders by standing tall and reaching up through the crown of your head. Place your palms on your lower back, fingers pointing towards the ground and elbows drawing together. Inhale and lift up through the crown of your head, keeping your core muscles tight. Exhale and arch your spine back to a place that feels comfortable for your body. Bring your prayer hands to the mid-forehead and feel the energy in the crown of your head.

Through these practices, you too can connect to your inner awareness, consciousness and to the universe - and awaken your crown chakra.

Jenny Baker found her passion for health and wellness early on in life. Aside from writing, she enjoys travelling the world, working on her yoga practice and being physically active. Find her on Instagram @jsbaker_

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