A meditation to find the easier path through life

Easy does it

A meditation to find the easier path through life’s ups and downs. By Jill Lawson

For some, forcing a square peg into a round hole is the essence of accomplishment. Vehemently chipping away at the curved opening until the peg falls through vindicates our need to not take no for an answer. We beat the system. Against all odds, we won. However, in our ignorance we paid no mind to the square hole. Using it would be too easy, and therefore unprincipled.

Many believe achievements are only worthy or meaningful if they required hard work. Paddling upstream because an uphill struggle gives us value leaves us blind to the supportive and complementary forces that enable our success. While going against the grain may serve us in certain situations, not all situations have to be met with such defiance. According to the Tao, when we yield, we overcome.

The following meditation will help you choose actions that properly fit and support your desired intentions. Please understand this practice isn’t about shunning responsibility. There will be times when super hard work is required of you. Use this meditation as a call to embrace — rather than work against — conditions that can assist you in reaching your goals. Learn to accept these forces so you may find success with ease.

Do it now
To begin, ditch the notion that if it is easy it has to be wrong. Ask yourself what keeps you working so hard instead of finding an easier way. Examine what comes up for you. Take several deep breaths and with each exhale release the need to judge your worth by how hard you work.

Now, imagine you are in a boat and you wish to cross a large body of water. You pick up a paddle and begin to row. With each stroke you feel your boat advancing. A strong wind comes and pushes you backwards. Release the urge to paddle harder. Open your mind to finding an easier way. Discover a folded sheet of fabric in your boat. Set it up and begin tacking. See the fabric ripple with the wind, allowing your boat to sail in the direction you wish to go. Let your mind be at ease as you glide across the water. When your mind is at ease, your life will be at ease.

Find ways that fit and support your effort in actualising your deepest desires and grandest intentions. May the road come up to greet you and the wind be at your back.

Jill Lawson is a writer and yoga teacher enjoying life on the island of Maui in Hawaii (jilllawson.net)

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