boost your immunity

5 ways to boost your immunity

Simple immunity-boosting tips and tricks to prepare you for autumn season

Boost your immunity, it’s especially important to keep your immune system strong and healthy especially during the colder months. Lola Biggs, registered dietitian and spokesperson for all-natural, vegan vitamin brand Together Health ( says: “It’s vital to nourish your body during the autumn and winter months with foods that are rich in vitamins A, C and D, as well as minerals zinc, omega 3’s and selenium.

You can do this by eating whole foods, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds and topping up levels with the right kind of supplements.” Here are her top five tips for boosting your immunity this winter:

Get juicing
It’s a quick and easy way to top up those essential vitamins if you struggle to incorporate enough fruit and veg into your daily diet. One of my favourites is beetroot, carrot, ginger and apple. It contains potassium, vitamin A, B-6, B-9 and C all in one glass and is brilliant for bumping up beta carotene levels needed to synthesise vitamin A and antioxidants that protect every cell in the body.

Follow the 50% rule
You can’t go wrong if you pack your plate with at least 50% of seasonal vegetables. It’s often tempting to reach for comforting foods on darker days like processed meats, fried foods and carbs, however, too much of these can suppress the immune system and cause low-level inflammation. The more colour on our plates, the better.

Get fruity
Vitamin C has been shown to aid the immune system and can help fight off colds and keep bugs at bay. Because your body doesn’t produce or store it, you need to add vitamin C into your diet.

Berries, citrus fruits, dark green vegetables and bell peppers all contain high levels of vitamin C so make sure you include these. If you struggle and find you aren’t eating enough of these on a daily basis, try the Together Health Immune Support (£11.99).

These capsules combine more than two billion live cultures – all clinically proven to help boost the immunity system – along with zinc, vitamin C, which helps improve a weakened immune system, and selenium, an antioxidant that lowers oxidative stress and strengthens immunity.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D strengthens our immune system, but stores drop in winter so getting outside is essential. In fact, studies show that roughly one in five of us are low in vitamin D and those with higher levels are better protected against colds and flu. Dietary wise, it can be difficult to get enough from food alone. If you are veggie or vegan or just need to boost your vitamin D levels, try the Together Health Vitamin D3 (£6.99). One a day gives you your recommended dose.

Say no to stress
Prolonged periods of stress can weaken the immunity. Try eating nuts and seeds: pumpkin and sunflower are both great sources of magnesium that can help regulate emotions.

For non vegans, eggs can help improve better immune function and have anti-inflammation and mood regulating benefits, whilst turmeric is also a feel-good nutrient, specifically curcumin. Try the Together Health Curcumin & Whole Turmeric Root Extract (£9.99). These capsules really pack a powerful anti-inflammatory punch and can help neutralise harmful free radicals and fight fatigue.

Boost your immunity
Boost your immunity

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