5 virtual tours to boost wellbeing

Stuck at home and no chance of getting away anytime soon? No problem: we've picked the ultimate virtual tours to boost wellbeing

A way to help you relax your mind and escape from reality is through virtual tours. Many aquariums, parks and tourist attractions around the world are offering these tours for free to help people stay curious and occupied. The team at Uswitch (uswitch.com) has compiled a list of the best virtual tours for when you just need to relax. So, find a quiet spot, put on a relaxing playlist, and get away from it all. Think of these virtual tours as the ultimate wellness retreat where you can zone out and let your cursor escort you through beautiful scenery, sea life and nature parks. Check out these virtual tours to boost wellbeing:

1 Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Head off to the Emerald Isle for a bit of peace and quiet. Relax during golden hour by viewing the sunset off the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. You can take a virtual tour of the famous Irish geological landmark on the Cliffs of Moher website.

2 The National Aquarium, Baltimore

Walk through tropical waters to the icy tundra in this floor-by-floor tour of the famous, Baltimore-based aquarium. Navigate
through different floors and scenes to explore close to 20,000 animals at the National Aquarium, which strives to enhance
ocean and climate literacy for all, drawing from environmental justice principles in its ongoing work around climate change. 

3 National Parks, USA

Five tours in one! Discover the hidden worlds of the National Parks with a virtual tour that explores five of America’s most beautiful parks. From Kenai Fjords in Alaska to Dry Tortugas in Florida these virtual tours will transport you to another world.
• Kenai Fjords, Alaska: Rappel into a crevasse, kayak through icebergs, and watch a glacier recede in this National Park Virtual Tour.
• Hawai’i Volcanoes, Hawai: Fly over an active volcano, explore a lava tube, and look out across volcanic cliffs.
• Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico: Fly with thousands of bats, explore incredible formations, and trek by headlamp through a cave.
• Bryce Canyon, Utah: Gaze up at the night sky, ride horseback through a canyon, and see hoodoos close up.
• Dry Tortugas, Florida: Dive a shipwreck, swim through the third-largest coral reef in the world, and tour a civil war-era fort.

4 Georgia Aquarium, Georgia

Sea-dwellers like African penguins and Beluga Whales are the stars of this aquarium's live cam. With lots of different live webcams from the Georgia Aquarium such as a Jelly webcam, African Penguin, Beluga Whale, Ocean Voyager, Piranha, Otter, Underwater Puffin and Sea Lion you’ll have plenty of relaxation time to sit and watch all the interesting creatures at this aquarium.

5 New England Aquarium, Boston

Join New England Aquarium for live presentations, new videos and activities that you can get involved in from home. Their daily presentations are posted every day at 11am. Watch as aquarianists feed the penguins and octopus and many other animals that the aquarium has to offer. Unwind with the live stream from inside the giant ocean tank exhibit.

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