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5 reasons to practice yoga online

5 reasons to practice yoga online

Doing yoga online can be a great way to motivate you and grow your practice at home. By Esther Ekhart

There will always be many benefits to practicing yoga ‘live’ with a teacher, but the ancient science has endured through modern times by evolving with us. Online yoga has given the world exponentially greater access to the practice, which means greater potential for global transformation and wellbeing. Through technology, yoga tradition is available to us anytime, anywhere — including at home!

Here are some of the benefits I like the most.

1. Focus on yourself. Alone in the comfort of your home, you can concentrate on you. Truly tune in to how the practice feels in your body, adjust, take it slower, pause and try again. External distractions are gone. Subconsciously comparing yourself with others in class is gone. As a result, pushing yourself may be gone – and yoga becomes a mindful, safe practice all about your feelings and your body.

2. Your choice. Your favourite classes and experienced teachers are always there when you need them. You’re in charge of your practice.

3. Your needs. Do you wish to relieve pain in your back? Looking to sweat, or calm down? In need of an uplifting meditation? Use the search filter in your online yoga platform to find precisely what you need.

4. Your time. Do you want to practice yoga or meditation at 6am to get going, or at 10pm to relax, in the middle of the night to help you get back to sleep, or at lunchtime for some extra energy? You can! Just roll out your mat and press play.

5. Your way. On the go or not, it’s an introvert’s paradise! If you don’t fancy the small talk but prefer to get quiet and immerse yourself in the teachings – online yoga is absolutely for you.

Esther Ekhart is the founder of online yoga platform EkhartYoga.com

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