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3 things to do every day to make your life better

You have the power within you to live your life with confidence, clarity and grace. You are beautiful, talented, and worthy of receiving any goal that you desire. Just follow these three easy steps to enhance your life today and every day. By Phoebe Garnsworthy

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What if I told you that the pathway to living your ultimate life can be achieved by implementing three simple changes into your day? And that not only are these techniques free and easy to incorporate, but you can also complete each one within 15 minutes or less.

All these practices have compelling, scientific evidence to back up their productivity, as well as spiritual philosophy to amplify their intention of harmonising the flow of energy between your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

I will explain all of this in detail below so you can understand why we incorporate these practices into our lives and the benefits they create. When we know the ‘why’ behind our actions, we can consistently adapt variations of that same practice. And whenever we practice something consistently, we develop a positive habit, thus igniting a wonderful new beginning of change.

And you can implement these incredible transformational techniques right now. All you need is the intention to see them through and be open to allowing your spiritual self transcend beyond what the eye can see. Let’s begin!

1. Connect with your soul through meditation

Through meditation, we are able to cultivate profound spiritual healing and transformation. This ancient practice of spending time alone and soaking up the loving vibrations of our own energy brings forth clarity and wisdom in both our unique selves and our life purpose. Through meditation, we channel our soul in the unseen realms, deepening our connection with this spiritual space and strengthening our intuition channel. This process reminds us that our experience in this life is not by chance and that there is a mystical interconnectedness at play. And so, when we exit this transcendent space of meditation, we are able to see the world with a new outlook and a new perception — one that supports our greater good and mission to live a life filled with sweet rewards and impactful experiences. The spiritual technique of meditation encourages mindfulness, compassion, and kindness in every area of our life. We can harness spiritual energy and utilise it to manifest bountiful gifts around us.

When practiced regularly, meditation is scientifically proven to reduce stress, calm anxiety, enhance self-esteem, lower blood pressure, and ease depression. It is also known to boost our immunity and calm our emotional wellbeing, as well as provide us with mental clarity, focus, and support.

How to use meditation to connect with your soul: Start by finding some alone time to connect with your energy. Focus your attention on your breath and allow your thoughts to simply melt away. If any worries or feelings arise, be at peace with them. Acknowledge their existence but choose to let them go and move past them. If you repeat this every day for 10 minutes, you will deepen the connection with your soul and strengthen the communication channel of your intuition.

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2. Practice positive self-talk

Every conversation with yourself is a conversation with the universe. If you choose to speak words of love, positivity, and peace, you will attract those same high vibrational energies in return. Everything within and around you is vibrating energy. You have the power to influence that energy to be positive or negative based on the words you use. When we choose words that promote self-love and self-care, we are literally changing the vibrational frequency of our mind, body, and soul. Self-love improves self-esteem and self-worth, which, in turn, creates confidence and motivation to achieve our goals for we believe that we are worthy of receiving them.

Through regular practice, we can establish healthy boundaries and develop long-lasting relationships in every area of our lives. When we love ourselves unconditionally, there is no limit to what we can achieve. Our resilience grows fiercely, as does our courage to combat problems, and we confidently take life by the hand to tell it what we want.

But positive self-talk doesn’t mean ignoring our past mistakes. Instead, it allows us to reflect on them and see the lessons we’ve learned as a result. This supports our emotional wellbeing by easing depression and anxiety that arises from facing problems that we cannot control. For we will now hold a new outlook, seeing them as opportunities for personal growth rather than obstacles to be feared.

To practice positive self-talk: Find time alone and select your favourite outlet to communicate with your soul. It could be looking in the mirror to tell yourself words of encouragement or journalling through the ideas in your mind for self-reflection and self-awareness. You can incorporate this practice before or after meditation. Start by reciting your favourite affirmations and desired goals for yourself, the universe, and your soul. Next, remind yourself of all the wonderful accomplishments you have achieved in your life and the incredible blessings that exist in your world today.

3. Heal and rejuvenate your energy with nature

You are constantly surrounded by an abundance of harmonising vibrations from mother nature. Her energy has the power to instantly soothe your soul and calm your emotions with deep peace. She creates a safe space for you to heal whatever troubles you are experiencing in your life, and she holds you tightly, nurturing your energy and providing you with wisdom and tranquility.

The heightened sensations that we experience when connecting with nature — such as the smell of flowers, the earth beneath our feet, or the sounds of birds — brings our awareness into the present moment and grounds our soul into our body. This grounding energy cleanses the lens of our perceived reality, reminding us of our integral place in the universe and our importance to the entire cosmic collective. This awareness of the now creates a blank canvas to solve problems while setting our intentions to live the life that we desire. Here, in this space, we are free to be ourselves while deepening our connection to the spirit world.

To heal and rejuvenate your energy with nature: Allocate time outdoors in a natural environment. Depending on your surroundings that may be your own backyard or a walk in the park, a local beach, or a rainforest. Go wherever there is the natural growth of mother earth, wild birds or animals. Tune into yourself to see if there is anything you need to release, heal, or harness. And ask mother nature to assist you in doing so. As you immerse yourself in the energy of her blessings, you will feel an instant connection of spiritual peace and vitality. Your mood will be lifted, your vibrations calmed and your emotional self soothed. You will find yourself rejuvenated, rested, and inspired to continue on your life path with enthusiasm and motivation.

Everything is energy

Always remember that everything in the universe is vibrating energy. The energy that we hold in our body and mind is under our power to transform. We choose what vibrations we wish to attract or let go of. We can invite happiness and peace into our lives, or we can run away from them. When we practice meditation, positive self-talk, and connecting with nature, we are strengthening our ability to transmute our energy into whatever we wish.

There are many spiritual tools you can incorporate into your life. And you may find that some will have a stronger impact than others. Now that you understand the reasons why, try to adapt and experiment to find your own rhythm in life. For example, you may know that you want to connect with your soul, but you prefer dancing to clear the channel of your intuition rather than sitting in silence with meditative breathing. Or perhaps you enjoy a walking meditation while being outside in the forest, combining both exercises of mindfulness with the connection of nature. Always experiment and try different things while having a clear intention in your mind of what you are hoping to achieve.

Each of the above spiritual practices supports the harmonisation of energy flowing within you and around you, while nurturing self-love, healing, and confidence. By turning your attention to flow with your life — rather than against it — you utilise the incredible gifts at your fingertips and can create a life filled with love, abundance, and serenity. You are simply one choice away from creating your ultimate life. So, today, try at least one of these practices knowing they are supporting you in stepping closer to your higher self.

Phoebe Garnsworthy writes books that speak to your soul. Through the power of self-love and self-care, she uses affirmations, daily rituals, spiritual practices, journalling and meditation to guide others in finding their sacred space within. Visit: phoebegarnsworthy.com

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