Young and Wise

Young and Wise

By nature, we are elemental. Supporting our Young + Wise with a nature-inspired programme for wellbeing. By Siri Arti

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What it is?

Young + Wise is an upcoming community[1]minded programme for young people. Adolescents between the ages of 12 and 24 (that’s when the brain stops growing) will be invited to attend via sharing circles made available throughout the county and beyond.

These circles include a rich combination of yoga philosophy, mindfulness practices and elemental education to inspire wellness for all. The practical work will be punctuated with simple ritual, sacred pauses and a thread of nature connectedness is woven throughout. Circle guardians will be certified to ensure young people are able to find a circle in their local community, GP practice or education centre.

Why it is

Post-pandemic, the adolescent mental health statistics clearly indicate that we have reached crisis point. Young people are increasingly opting out of life and society. Self-harm, suicidal ideation, isolation and disconnection are a baseline existence for too many.

Meeting young people in appropriate and safe ways is essential for reconnection to self, other and the world. In response to this, the aim is to make these spaces available and accessible to young people everywhere, and to restore balance in the community. The spaces are formatted to be safe and neutral, where young people are free from judgement, competition or expectation. A space to be seen, heard and held as an integral part of the whole.

These contained sharing spaces will offer skill-based education and practices that will, over time, build on the capacity to help with:

  • present moment awareness
  • self-regulation
  • co-regulation
  • communication
  • connection
  • community

To reduce the experience of:

  • disconnection
  • hopelessness
  • loneliness
  • Isolation
Young and Wise

The power of nature connectedness

The skills and practices to be explored are inspired by yoga and mindfulness and touched by the essence of nature. By bringing nature to the these spaces, we re-engage ourselves to a worldview of wholeness, each one of us integral to the whole, thereby negating the current disturbing narrative of individualism and separation.

According to Professor Miles Richardson from the University of Derby: “Nature connectedness is the term used in psychology to describe that relationship between a person and the rest of nature. Nature connectedness is a recognised psychological construct – one that describes an individual’s sense of their relationship with the natural world. That is our emotional attachment and beliefs about our inclusion within nature. These aspects affect our being – how we experience the world, our emotional response, our attitudes and behaviour towards nature.” (Richardson, 2020)

Nature education is a way to heal humanity’s disconnection

To invoke nature connectedness, you don’t need to actually be in nature. Instead, we activate the senses through nature soundscapes, elementally-inspired yogic movement, and natural objects used in mindful practices — the intent is to inspire an embodied response to connection, leading participants on an integrated path of healing.

Using nature, we aim to stimulate creative muscles that anchor us in earthly connection; reach for the sky with inspiration and traverse the cosmos with mind-altering practices of ritual and meditation. We want to take our participants on an adventure to remind them that they are nature; they are the medicine.

Belonging is an antidote to disconnection

This programme that rolls out in community circles will offer people a moment to connect with a particular time and place. Learning to notice how it feels in the body to be present in such a circle, invites a sense of belonging.

Embodiment is key. Cultivating the skill of tracking sensation in the body is one of the cornerstone practices of the programme. This is skilfully included in the rich tapestry of the practices.

The four-fold path

The entire programme is seeped in elemental antics and follows a four-fold path that explores creative ways to move, think, feel and connect. The vision is to collaborate with young people, embracing their wisdom and unique ideas, while simultaneously pursuing wellbeing practices that connect with elements that will support them in daily life.

The actions of moving, thinking, feeling and connecting are linked to the elements of earth, air, water and fire respectively. By weaving the natural elements through the practices, we continuously bring ourselves back to nature, our rightful place.

Young and Wise


Earth practices include things that ground and contain.

A body that roots into the ground while holding the mind, emotion and breath. Earth says ‘I HOLD’ as the body connects with a stable base.

Imagine standing tall, feet anchored, crown lifted.

Hands intertwined in front of the body holding steady.

As you breathe in, energy moves up from the earth into your body, containing. As you breathe out, energy moves down from your body into the earth, releasing.


Air practices include things that lift and expand.

A mind that embraces change and learns to become the observer. Air says ‘I GIVE’ as the mind lets go to make space.

Imagine standing wide legged, arms lifted to meet a new day.

The mind enters the body, the connection is real.

Tracking sensation as you breathe in and out, you notice more with each moment. As you breathe in through the nose, you feel your arms reach for the sky.

As you breathe out through the mouth, you feel your arms lower to the sides. Your wings come alive.


Water practices include things that balance and move. Emotions that seek an embodied ebb and flow.

Water says ‘I RECEIVE’ as the feelings meander finding ways to grow.

Imagine standing relaxed, arms resting, body swaying side to side.

It’s time to awaken the senses, inviting the emotions to balance. As you breathe in, you feel the breath enter your nostrils; as you breathe out, the warm air exits. As you breathe in, you smell the air around you; as you breathe out, you let go of the smell.

As you breathe in through your mouth, you taste the air; as you breathe out, you let go of the taste.

As you breathe in you listen to the sound the breath makes; as you breathe out you hear it leave the body.

As you breathe in, peeping through your eyelashes, you open to the visual; as you breathe out, you gently close your eyes.

Balance is restored.


Fire practices include things that connect and ignite. Individuals find community.

Fire says ‘I CONNECT’ as the spirit soars and sparks fly.

Imagine standing energised, legs strong and arms crossed over your heart.

The heart beats faster as anticipation of rising energy shows up. Start a steady paced breath through the nose, gently pulsing the belly as you breathe.

Belly in as you breathe out, belly relaxes as you breathe in. Stoke the fire as you breathe, imagining the flame growing and awakening you to a new vision.

And so it is that Young + Wise brings back barefoot walking, ocean flowing, cloud busting, fire starting, sky scraping, mountain grounding through a combination of yoga and mindfulness practices, nature connectedness and the security of safe and creative spaces for young people.

We layer concepts, weave magic and empower all who attend through researched and documented practices proven to be safe and effective. Together we are stronger; together we are whole.

Siri Arti is a child and adolescent mind-body therapist and educator, mother, yoga trainer, ceremonialist and founder of Starchild Yoga and the upcoming wellness programme Young + Wise. She has launched a resource platform called Shine with Siri where her innovative offerings can be found. Visit:

Young and Wise


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