Yoga Yurt Studio

Yoga Yurt Studio

Embrace tranquillity at the Yoga Yurt in Norfolk, a part of FY Camp, a place dedicated to wellness

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In the heart of a serene seven-acre campsite, in the centre of Norfolk, is the Yoga Yurt, a traditional Mongolian yurt, and a sanctuary for the soul. A place where tranquillity meets transformation, this is the Yoga Yurt Studio, an idyllic retreat space led by Sarah Hughes-Wade.

Her journey into yoga began at the age of 20, with the practice offering relief through breathing techniques and relaxation prompts. Fast forward to 2016, with her eldest daughter turning 15 and life evolving rapidly, she felt a calling to reclaim her sense of self. She embarked on a 500-hour hatha yoga diploma course with the BWY, balancing the demands of a young family and her role within the family business at the campsite.

Living with her family in a five-metre yurt during this time was exciting, challenging and special. By 2017, the yurt transformed from an idylllic family nest into a dedicated yoga studio, providing a space where participants could connect with nature and find peace away from the hustle of everyday life.

Today, the Yoga Yurt Studio offers classes accessible to all levels, making it the perfect starting point for beginners as well as seasoned yogis. Classes are characterised by a steady pace, allowing participants to savour each pose and integrate the practice deeply within their bodies. The emphasis on yogic breathwork and meditation enriches the experience, culminating in a profound yoga nidra relaxation that rejuvenates body and mind.


Beyond her regular classes, Sarah Hughes-Wade is passionate about her new project, Vulva — a womb healing and moon[1]watching collective for women. This ancient Ayurvedic practice, Uttara Vasti, involves monthly bathing spa nights, offering a deeply personal and healing experience.

For other yoga teachers seeking a retreat venue, the campsite provides an ideal setting. With glamping options and a luxurious six-bed retreat house, it caters to both day retreats and extended stays. The site features a large fire pit, enhancing the communal and grounding experience.

Whether you’re looking to deepen your practice or host your own retreat, the Yoga Yurt Studio offers a unique and enriching experience. Step into the yurt, reconnect with yourself, and embrace the tranquillity that awaits.

Discover more about Sarah Hughes-Wade and FY CAMP (formerly The Fire Pit Camp) at:

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