Yoga for Joy with Zaz Grumbar

Yoga for Joy

Level up your yoga for joy on a retreat with Zaz Grumbar this year

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The beauty of life is that we are constantly unfurling, constantly discovering more of what we are capable of. At certain points in our lives, external narratives can colour our self-belief, but yoga offers us a space for acceptance, coming back to yourself to explore your deepest potential.

There is such a joy in discovering that we can do more than we thought we could, and this is perhaps one of the greatest delights for a teacher — to guide and hold space for students to grow and to surprise themselves. On retreats Zaz Grumbar offers high vibes vinyasa classes, and mellow sessions with lots of options for everyone to feel challenged and included.

But the workshops are the place where there are those ‘a-ha’ moments, laughter and discovery! Zaz has taught students of all ages to do arm balances and inversions — and the joy on their faces is always magical.

There is a sense of joy and empowerment, and ultimately one lingering question: “If I can do this, then what else is there in my life that I thought I couldn't do, but maybe I can?”

Why not find out for yourself on a retreat this year?

Zaz Grumbar runs yoga retreats, workshops, online and in-person classes and more. For information visit:

Yoga for Joy with Zaz Grumbar

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