Sally Gibbons trained as a yoga teacher at 60 and is now building a small business to share the magic with others

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  • NAME: Sally Gibbins
  • AGE: 62
  • OCCUPATION: Yoga teacher
  • YOGA YEARS: 25

Why did you start yoga

My mother practiced yoga many years ago before it was fashionable. I didn’t really have an understanding or interest to join her until I broke my leg over 25 years ago in an accident in Spain on holiday. I had emergency surgery to plate and screw my femur back together and was told I would be limited in movement and limited activities. So that was the start of my yoga journey, I was determined to regain strength and flexibility. Happy to say it worked!

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Favourite yoga haunts

I’ve not travelled far and wide but every time I practice yoga on a beach with the sand between my toes, the sun on my face, and the sound of the sea…that’s always my favourite place.

How has yoga changed your life?

Yoga has changed my life twice. Once, 25 years ago, bringing my body back together as described above. But also more recently, after having travelled the yoga journey for many years, fully appreciating now that it’s not just about stretching once a week on a mat or regaining physical strength — it’s about the connection with the breath, the mind, relaxing, meditating, living as near as you can to a code of ethics, studying, understanding, improving. Yoga is a lifestyle.

Best yoga moment

The second time it changed my life, as I approached 60, I decided to train to be a yoga teacher and share a little bit of my experience with others. I’m now developing a small business and have named it Yoga Trybe as a nod to my mum whose maiden name was Tribe…plus, 25 years ago, she suggested that I ‘Try’ yoga so Yoga Trybe was created for anyone who just wants to try!

Anything else

It’s a cliche, I know, but it’s never too late to retrain or change your path. I’ve since qualified in yoga therapy and am currently studying to teach meditation just to bring a different aspect to my classes. I’m looking to develop breathing workshops and one-day garden retreats. Yoga certainly is a lifestyle and it really did change my life - twice! om

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