Alexandra Reece-Ford

Yoga and meditation helped Alexandra Reece-Ford reclaim her life from anxiety, depression and ME

Alexandra Reece-Ford
  • NAME: Alexandra Reece-Ford
  • AGE: 36
  • OCCUPATION: Yoga and meditation teacher
  • YOGA YEARS: 8+

Why did you start yoga

I began yoga after I discovered meditation to create a stronger mindset and help with the struggle I faced from being bedridden with ME. My life was pretty much nonexistent. I couldn’t be the mum I wanted to be for my children and I was a shell of my former self. After a few months of meditation I gained enough mental strength to begin bed-based yoga and gradually built enough physical strength to move from that dark pit of depression and into a world I wasn’t sure existed anymore. I gained an inner peace I never thought was possible and a commitment to myself to regain my life.

How has yoga changed your life?

Yoga has given me my life back; it has given me my family back and allowed me to create a path for myself that can only grow in strength. The anxieties and self-confidence issues I faced have been transformed and my physical ability means I can now do all the things with my children I just sat and watched before. To know now how the power within you can truly change every aspect of your being is immensely empowering and I continue to take those steps towards acceptance and healing every day.

Favourite yoga haunts

Unlike others I haven’t been to many yoga destinations. However, yoga retreats close to home like Notley Yoga Centre in Braintree, Essex, are an intimate and amazing experience and when you come together with like-minded people, wherever you are, it is truly magical.

Best yoga moment

The pivotal moment for me was when I qualified as a teacher and managed to stand in front of a class of students and share my love for yoga. To share my experience of how it changed my life and to begin my journey in helping others change theirs was just beautiful. It will be a moment etched in my memories forever. I can still feel the nerves from that day in my heart when I think back and I am always reminded of how far I have come!

Anything else

I truly believe you do not have to go round the world to find your peace. Your true peace is within you, you just need to open your heart and let yourself in.

I have grown as a teacher and also as a guide to others to ensure they are comfortable in the space we hold during practice by ensuring all classes are accessible, no matter your ability.

Yoga is not a one size fits all; it is a time of awareness and acceptance for the skin you are in and to find your own comfort. Feeling secure in class is incredibly important to me and my classes always reflect these feelings. Just remember to be patient and kind to yourself and you will find the answers you are searching for. Your body and mind is created by your journey to yourself.

Find out more about Alexandra Reece-Ford at: or connect via Instagram @yoga_byalexandra

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