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Mandarin Oil (Citrus Noblis)

The month of April moves us closer towards summer; everything is starting to open up and bloom. To celebrate all this light and energy, try using some mandarin oil (citrus noblis) this month. There are several varieties of this sweet and tangy citrus oil. I prefer citrus nobilis, the king variety, and it seems more fitting for this Easter month. It was brought to Europe from China in the 18th Century and has been used ever since as it’s such a lovely and well-rounded essential oil that’s suitable for all and can be used to help every aspect of general wellbeing.

Place a couple of drops of mandarin oil on a tissue and inhale deeply to help soothe nerves and relax and calm you. Similarly, this can also be used to soothe and cheer you at any point of the day or night. Whenever you feel yourself  lagging or are in need of a little pick-me-up, mandarin oil is the go-to essential oil; it’s like a little zesty boost in a bottle.

It’s good to have around the house and can be used to help ease any general anxieties or little tantrums. Place 2-3 drops in a diffuser in the home and allow the sweet and citrusy aroma to soothe and calm everyone and restore the peace over
the holidays.

Mandarin oil is generally a safe oil to use for everyone, but as with all citrus oils, avoid using before going out in the sun

Julia White is a yoga teacher and aromatherapist (

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