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The month of November means that we are now heading towards the season of winter in the northern hemisphere. To help keep us warm and healthy during these colder months, try using some cajeput oil (melaleuca leucadendron var. cajuputi). This fresh and fruity essential oil is robust and spicy and will help keep you well through the winter. Cajeput comes from the Indonesian word ‘kayu puthi’ meaning ‘white wood’ as the bark is very light and it has white and green flowery spikes. It’s brilliant for warming the joints and easing any aches or muscle pain. Add one drop to a carrier oil and massage into the joints to reduce pain or add to a warm bath; soaking in the bath can give greater relief and also help with mobility. Cajeput oil is good to have around to help with any muscle cramps: just add five drops with five drops of lavender, mix with two tablespoons of coconut oil, massage into the legs and rest well. In ayuveda, cajeput oil is known as Katupruhi and the scent of purity as it’s such a beautifully cleansing and purifying oil that helps remove negativity, cleanse and protect you. Try adding a drop to your diffuser and allow the oil to purify and cleanse the space and help you prepare for the upcoming winter months with its fresh and warming aroma. Do not use if pregnant or on sensitive skin. Not recommended for asthmatics due to the very high levels of cineole. Never use undiluted.

Cajeput Oil - Melaleuca Leucadendron Var. Cajuput)

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