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Spike Lavender Oil

The month of June moves us into summer and everything around us is in full bloom. It’s a month when lavender fields start being cultivated for essential oil production, so a lovely oil to use this month to honour this harvest is spike lavender (lavandula latifolia).

Spike lavender is very different from regular lavender as it’s grown at a much lower altitude and has spiky branches and more of a blue, grey flower. It also has a much higher camphor content which makes it a much sharper, livelier and more pungent essential oil. It therefore has very different qualities and effects than regular lavender.

Try using a couple of drops in a diffuser before meditation or when studying, as spike lavender is brilliant at sharpening the mind and boosting concentration. If you find that your mind is all over the place, and stress and anxiety levels are up this month, try adding a couple of drops to a carrier oil and mix well before rubbing into the hands; close the eyes and inhale the aroma and let the spike lavender clear and focus the mind and soothe the nervous system.

You can also use this blend to massage into any aching muscles and joints as spike lavender also has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties. So try using this energising oil this month to help ease body and mind as we move into summer.

Due to its high camphor content, use sparingly and avoid using if you have epilepsy or are pregnant.

Julia White is a yoga teacher and aromatherapist (

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