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Mimosa Oil

Mimosa Oil (Acacia Dealbata)

The month of August means we are in full summer; a month of sunshine and holidays before a new term and a new season starts.

To celebrate this abundance of golden rays of light shining down upon us, a lovely oil to use this month is mimosa oil (acacia dealbata). Made from the yellow flowers and twigs of the mimosa tree, the oil is extracted using a solvent and so is an absolute oil rather than a pure essential oil and therefore not often used by aromatherapists. But it has such lovely soothing benefits that it is worth trying and using to bring some floral, sunny aromas in and nourish body and mind.

Try adding a few drops of the oil to a spray bottle, fill with distilled water, shake well and spray around your home this month. This will soon comfort and relax all around, bringing with it harmony and stability.

For a relaxing bath, and to help give you a dreamy deep sleep during this summer month, mix a couple of drops of mimosa oil in a tablespoon of milk, add to the bath, sit back and indulge all the senses. It will give you a deeply nourishing treat for the body and skin whilst at the same time easing any stress or tension and lifting the spirits with its uplifting sunny aroma.

Bring the sunshine in with some mimosa oil this month!

Always use absolutes with care and avoid using if pregnant.

Julia White is a yoga teacher and aromatherapist (

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