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Cinnamon Oil

The month of December means we move into deepest darkest winter as the weather and light changes. To mark this seasonal transformation and to help you embrace this colder month, try using some cinnamon oil (cinnamomum zeylanicum).

Cinnamon oil is a lovely spicy, warming oil made from the inner bark and leaves of the tree. It has long been used for contagious diseases and respiratory conditions for many years and, during the eighteenth century, people used to carry cinnamon powder around in pouches to help protect themselves.

Try adding just 1-2 drops into a diffuser and allow the cinnamon oil to help clear away any coughs and colds and allow you to breathe more easily. It’s also good to do this before pranayama as the cinnamon oil helps you to remove more toxins on the exhalations.

Cinnamon was also used as a sacred anointing oil, so try adding two drops to a 50ml bottle of distilled water, add 10 drops of orange oil or clove oil, shake well and use to anoint and sanctify your home this month.

Avoid if you have any sensitivities and also if pregnant. Use in a very low concentration and only use in a diffuser or room spray as it is just too powerful to be used on the skin.

Enjoy the comforting, spicy aroma of cinnamon oil and let it comfort and uplift you this month and all through the holiday season and may I wish you all peaceful and brighter times this month and always.

Julia White is a London-based yoga teacher and aromatherapist (

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