Yoga & Aromatherapy - Argan Oil

Yoga and aromatherapy - Argan Oil

The month of July means longer and warmer days; a chance to refresh and renew ourselves in the summer sunshine.

A lovely oil that incorporates all of these qualities is argan oil (argania spinosa). Extracted from the kernels by hand, this rich oil is full of wonderfully healing and renewing properties which makes it so perfect for these summer months.

Argan oil has long been used for its moisturising qualities, and with the increased sunshine this month, it is good to use this carrier oil as a treat for the skin. Massage well into the hands, face and body to help heal and repair the skin. It’s high in vitamin E, so will help to balance, tone and replenish the skin.

What is less known about argan oil is the effect that it has on the mind. It can help to promote positive thoughts and reduces stress.

Try adding a drop of rose oil to a tablespoon of argan oil and rub into your hands, face and chest so you can inhale and absorb all the wonderfully healing and uplifting benefits of this precious oil.

It also helps aid concentration and brain function, so before meditation simply add one drop of rosemary to a tablespoon of argan oil and massage into the hands; close the eyes, inhale and let the oils enhance your practice and bring more awareness to your subtle and energetic body.

Safe for all, but be careful with those with nut allergies and always obtain from a sustainable source.

Julia White is a yoga teacher and aromatherapist (

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