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Yoga and ADHD

How Embracing Stillness Untangled My Chaotic Mind - Rosie Turner

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Yoga, a discipline of mastering thoughts, controlling breathing, and finding stillness, a description that could make any ADHDer run for the hills ... .and initially seemed like an impossible endeavor for someone like me.  But as I delved into the practice, I discovered its transformative power, the practice saved my life and it brought me to a deeper awareness of my ADHD.

Before stepping on the mat, my life was nothing short of chaos. Endless partying, running around London, jumping from one long term relationship to another  ( including a marriage) and juggling numerous plans left me feeling drained and lost. I struggled with an unhealthy relationship with alcohol and drugs, and my career was in constant flux.

Everything changed when I stumbled upon the right kind of yoga – Vinyasa/Rocket – a practice that resonated with my chaotic mind.

Power of the Pause

ADHD often feels like having a Ferrari engine with bicycle brakes – powerful, but with no pause button. It's like being at an after-party with everyone talking over each other, making it hard to focus on anything specific.

Yoga, particularly Vinyasa/Rocket, became my lifeline by offering a unique way to pause. The challenging movements demanded my full attention, which helped silence the chaos both on and off the mat. This pause allowed me to tap into my intuition and discover what truly mattered to me, shedding the external expectations that burdened me.

As I continued practicing, I noticed significant changes. I started eating healthier, moving more, and practicing gratitude. These small steps gradually led to more profound transformations, like ending toxic relationships and embracing healthier hobbies that didn't involve alcohol.

Yoga as an ADHD Management Tool

Little did I know that yoga was a powerful tool for managing my ADHD. It provided the right dose of dopamine, helping me find moments of stillness while empowering me to be true to myself.

However, navigating life with ADHD requires a multifaceted approach. While yoga and meditation are invaluable, seeking professional support and combining them with other strategies is essential for effective ADHD management.

A Journey of Self-Discovery

My yoga practice became a lifeline during my hardcore party days, saving me from dark thoughts and guiding me towards life-changing answers. With awareness and compassion, I discovered the path to self-discovery and growth.

Every day, I am grateful for my yoga practice, which has been a guiding light through life's ups and downs and brought me the strength and resilience I needed to overcome my demons.  Embracing my uniqueness and finding moments of stillness amidst chaos have been transformative.

As you continue your journey with ADHD, remember that finding balance is an ongoing process. Embrace your authentic self and cherish the moments of stillness that yoga brings. Your practice can lead you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your purpose in this ever-changing world.

So let's untangle our minds and show the world what we are made of!

Rosie Turner ADHD Wellness Coach, Host of ADHD Untangled Podcast, and Yoga & Pilates Instructor.
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