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Although only a year into her yoga journey, the practice has already brought immense benefits to Ellie Tyler’s life

Ellie Tyler
  • NAME: Ellie Tyler
  • AGE: 29
  • OCCUPATION: Midwife and founder of Tyler Aromatherapy

Why did you start yoga

I started yoga as a way to reduce stress. I  had been working as a midwife, running an  aromatherapy business and looking after my  son. It suddenly became too much for me  and my body was physically telling me to  slow down. I knew I needed to implement  some self-care rituals and start looking  after my mind and body. After my first yoga  session, I distinctly remember the feeling of  being free and light. It was at that point my  mindset changed.

How has yoga changed your life?

My life is generally fast-paced and yoga  allows me to slow down and check in. I  only manage to get to one session a week,  but that in itself is an hour of mindfulness  and connection. It allows me to be  grounded and has opened up an entire  new way of life that I can implement into  my daily routine which also includes  morning meditation, a healthy vegan diet,  acts of kindness and manifestation.

Favourite yoga haunts

Forest Retreats is a yoga and wellness centre based in Hill Farm, Tintern in  The Wye Valley. They run yoga classes and retreats surrounded by the forest.  My teacher Hayley is fantastic, putting so much thought into her classes and  shaping them around a different theme each week.

Best yoga moment

I am only a beginner in the world of yoga, however that does not take away from the grounded and balanced aura that evokes within me during and after  a yoga session. I am looking  forward to continuing  my journey with the yogi lifestyle.

Anything else?

Tyler Aromatherapy (tyleraromatherapy.co.uk) is a small independent business based in the Wye Valley, with the aim of creating moments for self-care and wellbeing. My new-found love for yoga inspired me to create a range of soy candles, each in a hand thrown pot with pure essential oils that represent characteristics of yin and yang. The idea is that we are often in need of balance and we might need the calm and slowness of yin, or alternatively, we may need the energy and positivity of yang.

Om Magazine

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