Wonkee Yoga

Wonkee Yoga

If you’re one of the millions of people who feel a little wobbly during their yoga class then sign up to wonkee, a new initiative from artist and broadcaster Scottee

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A new approach to yoga, self-care and listening from artist and broadcaster Scottee, wonkee is a digital community with a focus on inclusive yoga practice, stimulating chats and other related content.

It is an attempt to make yoga, self-care and wellness practices more accessible to those who are often sidelined by studios, teachers and yoga culture, says scottee, who’s also a 230- hour accredited yoga educator.

“I am trying, within my means, but with big ambition, to attempt to make a space that is more accessible, less scary and hopefully inviting,” says Scottee.

“As an autistic, queer, fat, mad artist and teacher there are adaptations I’ve made here because I’ve experienced what it is to be left out.”

Wonkee aims to be your one stop shop for introspection, connection, movement, joy, laughter and thought, Scottee adds.

“wonkee supports, encourages and endorses a full, broad and accessible approach to yoga. Disabled, neurodivergent, mad and fat friends are welcomed and hopefully feel recognised in this space. Sliding scale payments, captioning, chair practices, fat yoga and neurodiverse meditation are just some of the ways we are trying to open self-care up to those that need it.”

And people do need it: in its first week, wonkee has had 500 subscribers, 60% of which are subsidised, with 30 community passes making the website also accessible to those experiencing financial hardship.

Discover the wonkee way for yourself at: wonkee.club Be sure to read our Accessible Yoga special report in this issue for more inclusive yoga ideas — there is a yoga practice for every body!

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