What’s it like on a yoga hen do?

Say namaste to a new style of pre-wedding party: the Zen Do. By Eva Kristlova

Getting married? Why not try a yoga hen do — or a Zen Do — it’s ideal for our modern times.

Mindfulness, yoga, beautiful scenery, nature walks, meditation and connections on a totally different level — especially now when we are encouraged to spend more time outside, and indoor venues for any kind of celebration are either closed or have limited numbers.

Calm the pre-wedding nerves, let go of planning and organising; instead, invite peace and tranquillity into your day. Soothe the nervous system and prepare for the big day. It’s just what everyone needs right now! And not only the bride to be, but all involved!

I had the pleasure of organising such a hen/zen do for a London yoga teacher, Sarah, who wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy city, so she brought her party to the East Sussex Coast and the beautiful Seven Sisters Country Park.

This is what happened on the day:

I met the hen party in the morning and we took a leisurely walk across the rolling hills of South Downs to our special yoga spot overlooking the Cuckmere River. We were met by several curious sheep who observed our yoga practice with a great level of interest. The views were stunning, the sun was shining and the girls started to switch from ‘Busy’ to ‘Zen’.  A gentle, mindful class, fun partner work and blissful relaxation were needed by all!

After the yoga practice we continued our journey to the beach, where we laid our mats on the pebbles and got creative. We used our bodies to create different words, such as ‘Love’, ‘Zen Do’ and ‘Sarah’. Out came the goody bags with little bottles of bubbly and various wellbeing bits and bobs, we all cheered for the bride to be and enjoyed some down time on our stunning beach. The sun was shining and it was a real treat for those who don’t live on the coast!

Lunch was booked at the local country pub and after our hearty meal we could not wait to try some paddle boarding. Testing our balance on the water, trying to stay dry and not falling in the river was great fun. The girls set off on their boards giggling, happy and ready for challenge.

The day finished with yoga nidra and cake that we all shared on our picnic blankets set up by the river. Even the cup cakes had little yoga figures drawn in icing, made by the bride! It was a perfect end to a perfect day with fun memories to treasure forever.

And no hangover! Instead, a feeling of being completely recharged and high on the fresh air, yoga, prana, friendships and love! I think this is definitely the way to go. I can’t wait to organise another Zen Do.

Come and have your Zen day by the sea (no wedding necessary!).

Eva Kristlova

I am a qualified yoga teacher from Eastbourne and teach in person, online and via Zoom. I run a beautiful yoga space - Yoga Life Studio.