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What’s hot in wellness?

Wellness industry trends in 2022 from Mindbody

Popular yoga bookings service Mindbody ( has compiled a list of trends we can expect to see more of this year. Mindbody’s 2022 Wellness Index is one of the industry’s most comprehensive studies, surveying over 16,000 adults in the largest 50 US cities. Here are the results:

1. Increased interest in immune health
In 2022, Mindbody expect the increased focus on immune health to continue, with one in five Americans having tried new services or treatments that support immune health and another 46% are interested in trying those services moving forward.

2. Intellectual wellness
More than a quarter of Americans ranked intellectual wellness, which encourages one to explore new concepts, enhance skills, and challenge the mind, in the top three most important dimensions of wellness. However, only 50% of Americans say they spend time on creativity and stimulating activities - allowing for much growth in this market.

3. Mental wellness is a top priority
Over a third of Americans ranked mental health as the most important dimension of wellness. About half of America agreed that the pandemic has negatively affected their mental wellbeing. In the past year, 37% of Americans have incorporated physical fitness into their routine to help support their mental wellbeing while 14% have added yoga and 9% have added wellness treatments like acupuncture to their routines.

4. Sexual wellness is taboo no more
Sexual wellness is a facet of well-being that’s been historically kept behind closed doors – but it’s time to break those doors wide open. From sex therapy to vaginal steaming to erectile dysfunction treatments, the once-taboo topic is becoming mainstream and 32% of Americans are actively seeking information or resources to help them improve their sexual wellness or skills.

5. Facial exercises are the new burpees
Millennials are leading the way on this trend, with 36% reporting interest in or already participating in facial exercises. Nearly three in ten respondents already do or are interested in doing facial exercises to tone their face muscles, like face yoga.

6. Pets and wellness
Wellness isn’t just for humans anymore: With 20% of US households adopting a dog or cat since the beginning of Covid-19, consumers are on the lookout for pet-friendly wellness experiences. Two in five Americans expressed interest in going to a fitness establishment that’s pet friendly, with Gen Z and millennials expressing the most interest (over 50%) in pet-friendly establishments.

7. Music and wellness
Workout classes are the new Spotify! From silent discos to decade-themed workout classes, music plays an important role in fitness experiences, particularly for Gen Z and millennials. For 71% of Americans, music strongly motivates them during fitness activities. Additionally, more than four in ten Americans turn to their fitness and wellness routines to discover new music for life outside the studio walls.

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