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As the springtime returns, now is the perfect time to roll out your mat once more and take a deep dive into the wonderful world of yoga.

If you’re new to the practice, then it’s the best investment you can make in yourself. Move more freely, feel better and learn how to navigate the stresses of life with greater ease, as you build resilience, strength and grow and mature as a human being.

If you’re a long-term student, or a teacher, then you’ll already know the fluidity to the body that yoga can bring and the peace of mind it can instil, generating a warm inner glow that nurtures self-confidence, self-esteem and the knowledge that you’re on the correct path.

Take your practice outdoors if the weather permits, or get outside for a mindful walk and soak up the therapeutic, healing powers of nature as you reconnect to the present moment, to your breath, and to the infinite magic of stillness and presence.

Inside this issue, we’ve got lots of great yoga and other goodies to keep you entertained and energised, including lots of inspirational people doing incredible work out there in the world.

For all of us, this is our time on planet earth, so let’s seize the moment and pursue our dreams fuelled by the remarkable energising power of yoga, mindfulness, breath and meditation — the tools that can connect billions of souls across continents.

Have a fantastic month, folks — and don’t forget to stay in touch! We always love to hear your thoughts and to see your pictures from your yoga adventures near and far. Show us where in the world you’re reading OM, we’d love to know!

Stay free, stay awesome.




Issue 150 - Spring 2024

Issue 150 - Spring 2024

Yogi: Sadie Frost

Photographer: Amchara Health Retreat Gonzo
Website: amchara.com

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