Yoga is the journey of a lifetime. There’s  so much to explore once you start to look  inside, which is a by-product of any yoga  practice. There’s also so much variety to  discover on the yoga mat.

Looking for a new style to try? Then  browse through our trending yoga styles  report in this issue, where you’ll find  traditional practices like Iyengar to the  more mystical Kundalini. Or maybe you just want something to iron  out the stresses and strains of the day? If that sounds like you, then immerse yourself in yoga with some super-cute critters like puppies,  goats, or alpacas.

It’s this diversity that keeps yoga fresh and also relevant in other areas of life too. Discovering more about your true nature often brings with it a greater appreciation and connection with the  world around you. Many yogis are passionate about causes like the  environment and animal welfare, so we’ve included a yoga guide to  saving the planet report in this issue too.

Don’t forget to send us your ideas on how yogis can make a difference to the world, whether that’s animal welfare, the  environment, or in other ways, such as the small, everyday  decisions that we make when buying things in the shops…small  and local typically beats big and global. We’d love to hear your  ideas.

In this issue, we’ve also got lots of other ideas and inspiration to keep your practice going this month from healthy foods, recipes and cool new kit, to yoga sequences and our regular anatomy academy.

And don’t forget: if you want to continue your yoga journey with  thousands of likeminded people then put the OM Yoga Show in your diary now (14-16 October, 2022) — it’s our first show since 2019, so  make sure you’re there. It’s the ultimate yoga weekend!

Have a fantastic month, folks. Stay free.




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