Unable to Manifest Your Dream Life?

Unable to Manifest your Dream Life?

Navigating Karma on Your Manifestation Journey - By James Adams

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The law of attraction. Using the power of intention to manifest your dream life. Perhaps you once stumbled across the best selling book, "The Secret" during your spiritual path. Perhaps you have tried to use the law of attraction to manifest your dream life without any success.

This article is dedicated to those who have tried to positively manifest using the law of attraction but keep hitting stumbling blocks.

If you have been successful in using the law of attraction to positively manifest, then allow me offer my hearty congratulations. This article may not be for you.

If you are still reading, then I guess you haven't seen much success with the law of attraction. Fear not. Neither did I for many years.

What many do not realise (and perhaps The Secret does not highlight this) is the role of karma in a life plan. Karma, in Sanskrit simply means action. Karma is the universal law of balance. In other words, if something is created, the same energy must be experienced back.

For those who believe in past lives, karma can be carried through from past lives. It explains why the circumstances of our lives are very different and diverse. Karma is merely a teacher, not a punishment. Karma equals wisdom.

According to ancient eastern teachings, Prarabdha Karma is the karma that will bear fruit in this lifetime. It is the karma that the soul has opted to bring through and work on. Prarabdha Karma is unavoidable. In other words, it must take fruit. Prarabdha Karma will be woven into the souls life plan for the soul to learn.


The energetic cords of Prarabdha Karma are with the soul until they are released.

So how might this affect your ability to positively manifest. Well if your soul is required to learn a particular life lesson due to karma, it must do so.

Your free will may be trying to manifest a life that is completely avoidant of your Prarabdha Karma. This cannot happen.

Let's create an fictitious example to bring this concept to life. Let's say that in a past life, money was not appropriately managed. You were born into a rich family and were frivolous and got into debt. You and your family suffered as a result. In this life, you may choose to incarnate into a poorer family to learn the value of money. Until the lesson of money has been learned, it will be difficult to manifest financial abundance due to the financial karmic cords.

Once the karma has been healed and released, financial abundance can flow in accordance with intention and manifestation.

So how does one heal karma in order to positively manifest*?

That's for another article, but suffice to say that awareness and acceptance are the two key ingredients. Own your karma. Honour it and do the best you can.

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James Adams

Student of life

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