Triangle Pose – Clinton Kt Chan

Triangle pose is a standing pose, and one of the first that many people learn in their practice. Though a beginner pose, it’s not easy for everyone; here, Clinton Kt Chan takes us through it.


Benefits of Triangle Pose

This sideward pose strengthens and lengthens the muscles of the lower back and legs. Its sideways movement massages the intestines and thus promotes the better absorption of food and removal of waste. It is also a fantastic mobilization pose for relieving lower back pain and a great morning stretch.

Common Mistakes

The common mistake that students make when practicing this pose would be that their front foot is aligned with their rear foot and that their torso is bent slightly forward instead of sideways. This prevents the full opening of the upper rib cage and further limits the stretch of the deep muscles of the hip.

Clinton Kt Chan Triangle Pose


Feel the expansion of the body as you practice this pose. The heart chakra “opens” as it resides “central” to the opposing directional energies of the arms. As the torso leans, allow the lengthening from the pelvis through to the side of the ribs. Feel the expansion, through the back of the front leg as the breath enters and as you reach for the sky keeping the opposing hand grounded to the earth.


To perform and to reap the full benefits of this pose, the student should visualize that they are doing this movement between the two panes of glass. This will prevent any forward movement of the torso. In order to stimulate the opening of the Anahata heart chakra, ground the supporting hand into the earth with the same effort as the opposing hand that reaches for the sky.

Clinton Kt Chan is a yoga teacher.

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