Tips To Make Your Yoga Space More Zen!

Transforming Your Home Into a Serene Yoga Sanctuary - By Lucy Couser

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When you step into your yoga space at home, you want to feel completely at peace. So, we’re here with a few tips to help make the space more zen! Not many people have the space for a dedicated yoga room, however, our tips are ideal for any space that you’re working with. From scents to lighting, we’ve got you covered. 

Choose A Calming Scent

Firstly, choose a calming scent for the space, something like eucalyptus and lavender. This can bring a sense of calm and comfort to the space, and if you only want to associate it with your yoga practice, then you could have a scented candle* or essential oil diffuser that you only use when you’re practicing to create that bit of differentiation. 

Light Candles

While we’re on the topic of scents, another lovely way to make your yoga space more relaxing is to light candles. Especially when you’re focusing on your practice being more meditative or soothing, the atmosphere a couple of candles can create is really special.

They also have quite a rich history in relation to yoga practice, representing the state of enlightenment. Candles can help you unwind both mentally and physically. If you use the space for other things, it can help you get into the frame of mind to start your practice. You could even get personalised candles with your favourite yoga quote on them as a little finishing touch. 

Use Natural Colour Palettes 

Another good tip is to use more natural and muted colour palettes for your yoga space. You want to encourage calming and soothing feelings when you’re practicing, so very bright colours or lots of patterns can make that more difficult. Instead, neutral colours and calming pastels work really well. When you match this with the colour of your yoga mat, it all ties in really well together and can create a lovely space for your practice. 

Good Storage Solutions

Something else to consider is the storage solutions for your space. If you’re using the area for other things, having good storage solutions so that you can put things away and create a nice, clear space is important. If a space is really cluttered, not only can it be dangerous, but it can also prevent you from being able to completely clear your mind. Instead, having a couple of baskets or some drawers can help you quickly clear the space and, therefore, your mind, for good practice. 

Mood Lighting

Having really bright lights can dampen the mood of your yoga practice, so we’d recommend either focusing on natural light or getting mood lighting. People usually have a preference, so go with what feels right. If you choose mood lighting and you need brighter lighting at other times, you could look at getting a dimmer switch so you can adjust it whenever you need it. You could go a step further and get a proper mood lamp where you can change the colour and try out lots of different things! 

House Plants

Adding some greenery to your yoga space can really help bring zen energy! Not only do they look great, but they are also known to detoxify the air, reduce stress and generally improve moods, making them a great addition to your yoga space. You could go for very low-maintenance ones or others that require more attention, depending on how experienced you are! 

Get A Mirror 

A wonderful finishing touch to your yoga space is getting a mirror. Being able to see yourself in the mirror can really help you reach your potential, as you can adjust your posture and these small changes can make a big difference. If you don’t want the mirror out all the time, try to get one that is nice and thin and can be slid behind a sofa or a wardrobe, so it’s a practical space for lots of different things.

You may really see your practice transform when you get a mirror, so it’s a great investment to make your yoga space more Zen. It can also reflect light around the room to help you benefit from all of the stunning additions you’ve made to our suggestions above. 

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Tips To Make Your Yoga Space More Zen!


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