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The three most important words you'll ever say

Saying three powerful words can change your life. By Nikita Thakrar

In my experience, we all come to a stage in our lives where we say three words to ourselves, and no, it is not ‘I love you’.

Saying these 3 powerful words can potentially be a game-changer and lead us down a path of profound transformation.

We have all heard of the phrase ‘end of my tether', indicating that someone is coming close to their breaking point. The deep realisation that some kind of intervention has to take place, as they simply cannot go on like this anymore. Therefore, the three most important words you will ever say are 'enough is enough'.

Someone who is overweight might say these words to themselves, only to then proceed on an intensive diet and exercise regime. Someone who is in a dead-end job may get fed up, say these words and quit even before they have started looking elsewhere. Someone who is in a dysfunctional relationship may take the brave step of either addressing their issues or walking out on their partner. Someone who is not happy in their home may decide 'enough is enough' and start the process of moving out. In all situations, it is these three words that act as a catalyst and driving force for change.

When I am coaching, my clients tell me that they are in the process of saying these words to themselves. I imagine them putting their hands up in the air, a feeling of accepting and surrendering. This can bring great liberation and relief if someone has been stuck in an unfulfilling situation for a long time.

What does it take to get to that point? What holds us back from saying these words sooner, if we know that it is the best path for us?

There is something about being in familiar territory, after all our ‘comfort zone’ is comforting even if we know it is not right for us in the long term. Fear of the unknown, limiting beliefs and uncertainty can be challenging for many of us to face. I might say things to myself like "I know I am not happy in my job, but I should just put up with it, as it is hard to find another job in this current climate. At least I have a job, I should be grateful." We attempt to turn something negative into a positive, to make ourselves feel better and convince ourselves that it is the right thing to do. Instead, I might say "This job is making me unhappy, I deserve better. I am going to start looking elsewhere. I know I have a lot to give and if I prepare well then the right job will come along at the right time." This is the difference between a ‘limiting belief’ (not believing in my potential) to an ‘empowering belief’ (trusting that it is possible, doing the necessary preparation and being open to options).

Change can be scary, but if we reframe it we can see it as an opportunity. ‘When one door closes another one opens’ indicates that after every chapter in our life, something better comes along if we believe it is possible. It is ok to live in the same house all your life if it brings you great joy and peace. However, if you are living there simply because you are afraid of being somewhere else, then on some level you may wish to ask yourself if you are settling.

What would it take for you to stop procrastinating and start actioning? What has to happen for you to hold your hands up, surrender and say 'enough is enough'?

Nikita Thakrar

Nikita’s mission is to Educate and Empower people of all ages through Healing, Wellbeing and Personal Development.