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How meditation may be the tool you need to rebound from the challenges and stress of the past couple of years. By Kadeem One

I think everyone would agree that the last couple of years have been quite, umm…a challenge to put it nicely. The pandemic shook things up quite a bit.  Even the singer Lizzo with over one million followers on Twitter posted at the top of 2022, “Anybody else too stressed and afraid to do anything these days?”  That post received over 30,000 likes and hundreds of responses in which people agreed and commented that they have had a rough time sleeping and their anxiety has intensified greatly and they are just feeling overwhelmed by life.  Although grateful that Lizzo got a conversation started and other people are feeling similar, there was no offering of help or resolution to assist people during their difficult time. It’s one thing to acknowledge pain, hurt and fear but what are you doing to help people change the narrative? How can people heal and move forward? Now that we are into 2022, I believe that if we do not take the time to deal with our stress and upheaval now, it can be to our detriment later on in the year as other difficulties in the world pop up. So I am here to offer solutions to help you stay grounded through it all.
According to science, the mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imaginary. So the glands that salivate when you eat an apple still salivate when you think about eating an apple. What does this mean regarding your emotional state? Going through a stressful situation or just thinking about going through a stressful situation have the same negative effect on the mind, body and soul. However, what would happen if you thought about a positive or happy event? The reaction would be the same but on a positive level!  So when you are feeling down or stressed, one way to stop those negative feelings is to think about something or watch something or listen to something or do something that makes you feel good.  That can be anything from journaling to reading your favourite book to listening to your favourite song to watching that comedy special to even watching cat videos!

As a meditation and spiritual teacher, there is one method I always offer people that can help improve mood, decrease pain, solve sleeping issues and keep the memory sharp. And what method is that, may you ask? Meditation! Yes, meditation has all of these benefits and much more.  Science has shown this to be true time and time again.
Now, we need to realise that meditation is a practice. Although you may feel some of the above benefits after just doing one meditation, you must practice it and do it consistently to feel the benefits fully. It’s like saying after going to the gym one time you will be your ideal weight or after taking just one shower you will be clean forever.
And we all know that is not true! Meditation is the same way. It must be practiced and done over time to see consistent results. Now sometimes there are just things we cannot do alone. There are times when we need help. So my last suggestion to help you stay balanced and at peace is to seek out help when needed. Maybe you’ve thought about it but haven’t actually done it. Well, now is the time to do it! This help can be from family and friends for support or even seeing a professional like a therapist or your friendly yoga teacher or another wellness and spiritual practitioner.  No matter what happens this year or how you may feel, I always tell people this: If you are here, you have purpose. God, science, the angels, the universe, whatever your belief is, found it suitable for you to be here at this time, in this moment, in this way. So believe and know that your life, your entire being matters. Keep finding ways to live in your highest, most authentic self daily. You may be shocked by what you can accomplish.
Kadeem One is a meditation teacher, holistic wellness coach, energy healing practitioner, aromatherapist, hypnotherapist and inspirational speaker.


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