The law of attraction

The law of attraction

The missing piece of the law of attraction that nobody is talking about. By David Strickel

The law of attraction teaches us that we need to be in vibrational alignment with what we want, as if it already exists, in order to bring it into our lives. So we create vision boards, recite positive affirmations, focus on gratitude, and do other things to keep our vibrational energy high.

The truth is, however, that it’s impossible to be at high vibration all the time. It’s impossible to continually be a vibrational match to what we desire. Because life happens. We get a flat tyre, a letter from the tax office, go through a break-up, or worse yet, struggle with a serious health issue. Things happen that throw us into low vibration, and while we’re in low vibration, we manifest more of what we don’t want.

So how do we remain a vibrational match, even when life brings our vibration down? That’s what I call the missing piece of the law of attraction.

Finding the missing piece

The missing piece of law of attraction is the realisation that we are operating in the vibrational flow of the universe, which continually fluctuates between positive and negative energy — by design. Astrologers are well aware of this vibrational flow and have made an art, if not a science, of harnessing its predictive nature.

We live in a physical world that has polarity, and vibrational flow is a creation of that polarity.  This polarity means that we will experience emotional highs and lows — our vibrations will be high and low. Most law of attraction practitioners tell us to remain in high vibration in order to attract our desires. They miss the crucial element that our vibration is meant to go up — and also down.

That’s right. We are meant to go down our vibrational flow in order to attract unwanted things and go up our vibrational flow in order to solve them. This is the universal process of creation. Without lower vibration, we’d have nothing to solve, and as a result, nothing to create.

And creation leads to the expansion of the universe, and is why we’re here in the first place.

The Tya practice, short for ‘Trust Your Abundance’ teaches the universal process of creation, of which the law of attraction is just one piece, and also gives us tools to raise our vibration at will.

The vibrational spiral

One of the most effective tools is the vibrational spiral itself.

When our emotions are below neutral on the vibrational spiral, we call that ‘Down The [Vibrational] Spiral’ (DTS). When our emotions are above neutral, we call that “Up The Spiral” (UTS). In order to attract what we want, we need to be a vibrational match to our desires, and that only happens when we’re up the spiral (UTS). By recognising where our current emotions lie on the vibrational spiral, we can then use other Tya tools to get us back up there, such as radical appreciation.

Judgement of ourselves and others keeps us down our spiral. We are programmed from birth how our lives are supposed to be. We constantly measure ourselves against this programming and come up lacking. We judge ourselves as less than, or not worthy. We do the same of others.

The law of attraction

Radical appreciation

By practicing radical appreciation, our judgment dissolves. Radical appreciation means appreciating every single experience in our lives as valuable and necessary to creating who we are right now. Radical appreciation doesn’t happen overnight, but by continually evaluating our experiences, especially those that we’ve labeled as ‘bad’, and finding the appreciation for them, we de-tune judgement and go up our vibrational spiral. Even showing radical appreciation for being down our spiral (DTS) will move us back up our spiral.

I recently experienced identity theft and watched my debit card get canceled while I was in the midst of trying to withdraw money from an ATM. I spent countless hours over the next two days waiting on hold and talking to customer service agents in order to clean up the mess. While I was doing so, I appreciated the level of sophistication and planning that went into stealing my identity. My appreciation allowed me to get back up my spiral far quicker than if I had spent those days cursing the thief and berating myself.

Again, I cannot express this enough: our vibration will naturally fluctuate up and down. As a result, we cannot keep our vibration high all the time, regardless of what we do. We will go down our spiral. That’s how I manifested identity theft in the first place. The key is not to stay there.

One of the dangers inherent in living a spiritual life is realising where we want to be, and then judging ourselves for not being there. The law of attraction works, but not if we berate ourselves when we’re not up our spiral, when we’re not a vibrational match to all we desire.

Attraction in action

The things that we want most are the things that we think about most often.

If we believe we need to have a baby to be happy, we're going to be thinking constantly about making a baby. If we think we need to be a billionaire to be happy, we're going to be thinking constantly about becoming a billionaire. When our vibration is high, it's easy to align with what we desire and attract it into our lives.

But when polarity pulls our vibration down, we don't feel the same about it, ever. When we're trying to create a reality that isn't present in the physical, when we're down in that lower vibration, we focus on the lack. That's why we tend to chase away the things that we want most.

So if we're not getting pregnant, we're not getting rich, we're not getting thinner, and we're not getting healthier, it's because we need it so badly that we're thinking about it all the time, and we're not trusting through vibrational flow. We start making compromises with our dreams. Maybe we don’t really need a baby, we think to ourselves. After all, we have wonderful nieces and nephews. Maybe we don’t need a billion dollars. Maybe a million would be good enough, or even just finding a better apartment.

Meanwhile, the universe, which was sending a baby our way, tunes into the new vibration that we don’t want a baby anymore and doesn’t send us a baby. And the billion dollars that we were a vibrational match for no longer show up because we replaced that vibrational match with the desire for a better apartment.

Because of natural vibrational flow, it's not possible to stay aligned with our desires all the time. The Tya practice teaches us to navigate our natural vibrational flow and provides tools to return us ‘up the spiral’ (UTS) when we dip down so that we remain a vibrational match most of the time. As we continually work to raise our vibration, we’ll find that our vibration gets higher and higher, as our old high becomes our new low.

With Tya, we trust in our abundance, rather than making compromises with our dreams, and allow the universe to surprise us with something even better.

David Strickel

David Strickel is the creator of the Tya Practice, a method of applying Source consciousness to our modern lives.