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How to get more abundance By Lydia Kimmerling

How abundant do you feel right now? Have you experienced what abundance feels like? That feels like a good place to start. Let's begin our exploration there — the feeling of abundance.

For me, abundance is a richness in your life, and not just a financial richness. Quite often abundance is equated only to money and, for this reason, many of us miss the abundance that’s happening in other areas of life.

For example, I feel the abundance in my life when I think about my friendships and the appreciation I have for them. I am abundant in the quality and quantity of supportive, loving and ‘there for me’ people that I know.

Maybe you are rich in friendships, in your health, in your relationship, in your work, in your passion or a unique skill. How have you been blessed already in your life?

It’s much easier to focus on what is lacking than what is present. But if you challenge yourself to see how full your life is with joy, love, inspiration, laughter or any other emotional bliss, a greater sense of abundance will bloom.

I’m bringing this to your attention first so that you might see how you’ve been missing the abundance in your life already.  If you can feel more abundant now, without having to change anything, then naturally more abundance will find you.

How do I know this? Because we create what we become. And you can become abundance!

An Instagram post saying ‘abundance follows self-worth’ caught my eye the other day. At that moment, I wasn’t feeling particularly abundant! I had been allowing the worry of something which hadn't worked out as I had anticipated to take over my thoughts. But this quickly reminded me that abundance is a state of being and I snapped out of my negative story.

You yourself can become abundance by increasing your self-worth.

A person feeling low in self-worth struggles to see the gold already shining in
their life. To become more abundant you must find the richness in your life and then pour that back into who you are being. Find the gold and then let it shine bright within you. When you’re seeking more abundance from a place of lack, you’re in a state of wanting instead of having. Wanting is lacking, Having is owning.

Own the abundance you already have and then what you seek will find you.

If you feel like there’s more out there for you, it’s because there is — and Lydia Kimmerling (aka The Happiness Explorer) knows how to find it. Follow her on Instagram for daily happiness explorations @lydiakimmerling or visit her website to take the happiness explorer quiz and find out more about working with her:

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