The Chakra Series

Exploring the stunning and ambitious Chakra Series artwork by photographer Simeon Van der Hoeven

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Much of Simeon Van der Hoeven’s work connects with themes familiar to most yogis, including the chakras, which formed the basis on one of his spectacular mass nude photographic projects.

“The Chakra Series is inspired by the artworks (both historical and current) that you often find in yoga studios, asanas or spiritual centres,” he tells OM. “These artworks are created to match the colours, symbolism and energy of certain chakras or energetic centres and are meant to empower your practice and space. They have been created with real humans on physical locations, working with an intention that relates to every individual artwork.”

He says the Chakra Series is popular with both practitioners and studio owners, who, partnered with their love for yoga and wellness practices, also have an eye for aesthetics.

“These works offer a valuable and artistic alternative to more of the classic mass-produced decoration, to those who want to amplify and decorate their spiritual space with one or multiple statement pieces.”

Muladhara (Root) Chakra

Untitled (1200 x 1800 px) (9)

A beautiful renaissance-like piece with deep and warm red tones created by the salt lakes in Portugal. First in line of the Chakra Series, the work depicts the ‘root’ which is represented by four lines arranged in a cubic shape and has a red colour. For many living things, the root is where it all starts. A stable base of support to nurture and balance the structures above. The ‘root’ deals with the themes of security and safety, within the chaos that the raw life force energy possesses. No tree grows to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell. This piece is a visual representation of this wisdom and knowledge.

Swadisthana (Sacral) Chakra

This piece was created by arranging 25 people into a shape that symbolises the crescent moon, which has been used in many traditions to depict the sacral centre or chakra; the origin of life, creativity and sexuality. The colours in the artwork are an effect of the different mineral deposits found in the clay soil and the shapes that the water has made in its erosion process. A piece created straight with nature, combining a human, psychological and spiritual aspect. Swadisthana is the centre of pleasure and creativity. This work is an invitation to unleash our full creative potential and sexual energy.

Untitled (1200 x 1800 px) (10)

Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra

Untitled (1200 x 1800 px) (11)

Sahasrara stands for the thousand petal flower or crown chakra. This work was created with people arranged into a lotus flower, the symbol of divine universal consciousness. The piece is a representation and reminder that we share a connective energy and spirit, connected in all of our differences. It is also a call to all world leaders to end war and conflict, a call to humanity to heal our wounds and stop the fighting within ourselves and others, as well as a call for universal consciousness.

Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra

A yoga-inspired work with 25 people saluting the sun together, naked in a field of wildflowers. The sun, bringer of life and energy, forger of nearly all elements within our bodies. Without it, life would not be possible on Earth, providing us with the heat that warms us, the energy that moves us, the light that illuminates the darkest parts of our soul. In many cultures the sun is seen as the bringer of wisdom and enlightenment. Thank you sun, for making all this possible.

Untitled (1200 x 1800 px) (12)

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